The Dos And Don’ts Of Wearing Jewellery For Your Daily Routine

June 27, 2024

You love adding a bit of razzle dazzle to your daily outfits and a bit of jewelry here and there helps you feel more confident. Before picking out any piece from your jewellery box to slap on as you go to work, exercise, and walk around, consider that some items are more suitable for daily wear than others. 

This sounds cryptic, so scroll down to find the full explanation and the dos and don’ts of wearing jewellery during your daily routine! 

Do: Wear Something Waterproof And Affordable

The perfect jewellery companion throughout your daily routine should be waterproof and affordable. Stainless steel jewellery is the best for this as it usually ticks both boxes. It is completely resistant to water and can withstand being in the shower/bath, swimming pools, and much more. 

So, your jewellery will not be affected by sweat and you can keep it on while you shower – you also do not have to worry about it tarnishing in the rain! That is why you need to opt for waterproof options, but why should it be inexpensive? 

Consider what you do during your normal routine. Maybe you hit the gym and lift weights or perhaps you are always on your feet rushing around at work. Wearing jewellery when you are out and about doing lots of things is risky as you can bump or scrape it, leading to permanent damage. This is not a huge issue when the pieces are cheap – but when they are expensive, you cannot always afford to keep replacing them. 

Don’t: Wear Sterling Silver Or Something Expensive

Whatever you do, try to avoid wearing sterling silver or gold jewellery when you are going about your daily routine. It is best to save silver jewellery for special occasions when you want to dress up nicely and show off a little bit. Wear it when you are going out for dinner or have a nice event to attend. The same goes for proper gold stuff; both metals are known to react badly to both the elements and sweat. Wear them for too long – or keep them on in the shower – and you can damage them forever. 

Likewise, quality jewellery should be left at home most of the time. Do not wear your expensive stuff every day as the risk of ruining it goes up. What is the point of spending a lot of money on gorgeous jewellery if you are going to wear it every day anyway? It loses some of the special value it had when you bought it; it is nice to keep things for certain occasions while having cheaper stuff to wear daily. 

In summary, you certainly can wear jewellery every day during your daily routine. There is nothing wrong with this and it can make you feel more confident and beautiful. You love the way a necklace or bracelet compliments an outfit – and wearing jewellery to work can also help you retain your self-identity if you are forced to wear a uniform. The only thing to remember is that you should not wear expensive stuff out all the time and you should wear waterproof jewellery rather than proper silver or gold items. This ensures you look great without worrying about damaging expensive jewellery! 

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