Six Surprising Benefits of Dental Implants

August 4, 2016

Dental implants are cosmetic dentistry remedies for lost, broken, or decayed teeth. The implants are basically replacement teeth roots that provide the needed foundation for permanent or removable teeth.

The replacement teeth are normally made to match your natural teeth with material like porcelain or gold. These replacement teeth will help you maintain that beautiful smile even after losing one or more teeth. The benefits derived from having dental implants include:

  1. Better Speech

There are many alternatives for fixing lost teeth and the resultant gaps. One of the common procedures and solutions is use of dentures. However, with dentures, you will have problems speaking because the dentures can slip in the mouth and can even make you speak with a slur or mumble. Implants will have no such effect, thus the best alternative for you. Speech is also impaired with too many gaps, as it happens with toothlessness associated with old age.

  1. Improved Appearance

With more than one gap in your jaw as a result of an accident or tooth decay or even other diseases that affect the teeth being held to the gum and the jaw, your facial features will change. You will find that your cheeks are pinched and your normal facial contours deformed.

Dental implants put in place by the best dentist in Aurora, will give you the chance to restore or even have an improved general appearance that is appealing. The implants look just like your teeth ensuring you will have a beautiful look.

  1. Comfortable

Having gaps as a result of tooth loss due to an accident or decay is uncomfortable on its own. Having braces to hold loose teeth or having dentures presents a high level of discomfort. Dental implants present the best and the most comfortable solution to your missing teeth.

  1. Enhanced Oral Health And Hygiene

Compared to dental bridges, dental implants do not require reduction of other teeth. Teeth besides the implant will be left in place intact, therefore improving oral health in the long term. Cleaning and accessing the space between the teeth will be easy. Compared to dentures, food debris will not be easily lodged in the dentures or newly created spaces between teeth as a result of having bridges.

  1. Builds Self-Esteem

Many people battling with low self-esteem levels stem from something to do with their appearance. You could be battling with self-esteem as well. Having a gap or more on your mouth is discomforting and you may be less confident or with low esteem issues. Dental implants provide your way out and will give you the chance to feel good about yourself.

  1. Durability and convenience

Implants are very durable and will most likely last your entire lifetime. Therefore, the money you spend now to have the implant will be well used. In terms of convenience, you have no need to remove them or create a mess, just because you have them. The implants are like your teeth and give you no extra work.

In conclusion, implants offer the best solution for your decayed tooth or that tooth/those teeth lost in an accident. You will go back to normal enjoying the comfort of natural looking teeth.

Tony Reeves is the best dentist in Aurora. He has mastered the skill and even art of performing elegant dental procedures, including a countless number of dental implants. Read more about his work on his LinkedIn profile and website.

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