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The Surprising Connection Between A Healthy Smile And Success

January 31, 2023
A smile is worth a thousand words… yawn!.. But did you know that a healthy smile could also be worth a thousand bucks? What may sound too good to be true, is actually backed up by research. The data tells us that there is a surprising correlation between a healthy...

Looking After Your Teeth After 40: Three Methods To Prioritize Prevention

Women Over 40
October 19, 2022
You might have been one of the lucky ones that looked after your teeth all your life, but life soon catches up with all of us. When we hit the ripe old age of 40, we are at an in-between age where little health problems can slowly begin to snowball....

Treatment For Sensitive Teeth

Oral Health
March 7, 2022
For starters, tooth sensitivity occurs whenever the tooth roots are exposed due to the worn-out of the tooth enamel. In addition, there are still other reasons behind tooth discomfort, such as chipped teeth, gum disease, and worn-out tooth fillings.  The best solution to undertake when faced with tooth sensitivity issues...

The Negative Effects Of An Unhealthy Smile

Oral Health
March 7, 2022
There are lots of oral issues patients experience which lead to various forms of discomfort in the mouth. For instance, in the case of an infected tooth, the pain can be so unbearable that it tends to affect your ability to concentrate on whatever activities you are engaged in, whether...

How Oral Health Impacts Overall Health

Oral Care
March 7, 2022
If you have ever experienced a toothache, then you know how miserable it can make you feel. What if we told you that even something as common as a toothache could serve as a precursor to various underlying health issues in the body. These health issues include conditions such as...