Treatment For Sensitive Teeth

March 7, 2022

For starters, tooth sensitivity occurs whenever the tooth roots are exposed due to the worn-out of the tooth enamel. In addition, there are still other reasons behind tooth discomfort, such as chipped teeth, gum disease, and worn-out tooth fillings. 

The best solution to undertake when faced with tooth sensitivity issues is to visit a dentist. However, in this article, we will discuss the five proven facts to help you treat tooth sensitivity.

Proven Treatments For Sensitive Teeth

There are many proven treatments that will help you relieve your tooth sensitivity. It does not matter how long the pain has persisted, these treatments will go a long way to relieve you. Here are the following proven methods:

  • Use Toothpaste Made For Sensitive Teeth

Since sensitive teeth are a significant problem that can cause us severe pain in our lives, one of the primary means of controlling teeth sensitivity is by getting a toothpaste made for tooth sensitivity. These kinds of toothpaste are produced in large quantities for sensitive teeth issues. 

Toothpaste for sensitivity contains ingredients that play a major role in protecting and desensitizing the area of your teeth with sensitivity. First, the potassium nitrate in the toothpaste helps build up the worn-out enamel by filling it consistently as long as possible. From there onwards, the protective layers of the teeth get strengthened. 

  • Use Only Soft Toothbrushes

One essential way you can help relieve tooth sensitivity is to avoid bruising vigorously to avoid worn-out of the enamel of the teeth. One of the mistakes people with tooth sensitivity make nowadays is brushing with stiff brushes, which does not seem right. Instead, you should make use of soft toothbrushes specifically created for sensitive teeth. 

  • Use A Mouthguard At Night

A pervasive way to help treat sensitive teeth is by wearing a mouthguard at night before sleeping. The purpose of a mouthguard is to ensure dental protection for your teeth and prevent any form of damage from occurring. In addition, wearing one of these will make sure that your bottom and top teeth do not grind together helping to avoid any further damage.

  • Have Your Gums Checked By A Dentist

Ensure that your gums are healthy at all times. You should know that a common sign of healthy gums is the pink and firm texture. As time goes on, possible issues might arise with your gum, such as bleeding, and this is sometimes caused by vigorous brushing of the teeth, which is not a healthy habit.

There are also cases where gum diseases like Gingivitis might occur, which could cause severe damage to your gum and teeth. This is why it is very vital to have your gums checked by a dentist from time to time to ensure they stay healthy. If you do not have one yet, you can check out this dentist in Syracuse to get started.

  • Make A Salt Water Mouthwash

Gargling a saltwater mouthwash is a crucial way to help keep your gums and throat healthy. It also goes a long way to help reduce toothache as well. As you gargle your mouth with salt water, it helps remove germs from the mouth and food particles from within the teeth. 

In general, a saltwater mouthwash is an excellent disinfectant for the mouth. Mixing 1 Tbsp of salt with a cup of warm water will produce a saltwater mouthwash you can use to rinse your mouth. Also, ensure that you do not swallow the saltwater in the process. 

Final Thoughts

Tooth sensitivity is a very discomforting and painful experience that needs to be taken seriously to gain relief. It is why adequate measures need to be taken to ensure that sensitive teeth problems are treated accordingly. You can use the proven treatments listed in this article to help the process. Visit a dentist should these symptoms persist.

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