Do You Grind Your Teeth: Here Are Five Important Reasons To Wear A Teeth Grinding Guard

February 17, 2022

Do your jaw and mouth feel sore and tight every morning? These are signs that you may be grinding your teeth as you sleep. Also known as bruxism, teeth grinding is very common and several people do not realize the clench or grind their teeth until it causes them pain.

Teeth grinding is a brain-generated dysfunction and cannot be controlled by body movement. Though it is an unconscious habit, issues such as anxiety and stress can cause it to increase. If you grind your teeth at night, you can hugely benefit from wearing a nightguard.

We have highlighted some reasons below to help you understand why a teeth-grinding guard might be useful:

1. Eliminates Pain and Pressure

Grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw puts a lot of tension on the jaw joint, especially the temporomandibular joint or TMJ. The incorrect alignment of joints causes a condition known as temporomandibular joint dysfunction or TMD, which can be very painful.

Wearing a teeth-grinding guard will help reduce the amount of pressure you put on your teeth and jaws. They work as a buffer and prevent the stress you place on your facial muscles, jaw joints, and jawbones. 

2. Improve Quality of Sleep

Teeth grinding causes tension on the muscles, affecting the quality of sleep. Since night guards align the jaw, relax the muscles, and reduce pain and discomfort, they promote a healthy sleeping pattern.

They are lightweight and custom-made for a perfect, comfy fit into the mouth area. Click here to find great options to suit your needs. 

3. Prevents Tooth Damage

Constantly grinding your teeth can cause severe damage to your jaw joints and enamel over time. This also causes tooth sensitivity and several other dental problems. You will spend a lot of money on extensive treatments to repair your teeth and jaws.

Grinding causes damages to preexisting fillings and will also cause your teeth to chip or break. It may be best to consider using a grinding guard and wear it each night to prevent all this. A night guard ensures no contact between the top teeth and bottom teeth, preventing damages. 

4. Teeth Grinding Guards Prevents Headaches

One of the common signs of teeth grinding is waking up with constant headaches every morning. Excessive clenching and grinding cause neck pains, earaches, jaw aches, muscle fatigue, and headaches. 

Wearing a custom night guard every night will help align your teeth, reduce pressure and tension, prevent overbite or underbite, and prevent pain and headache. 

5. Reduces Snoring

Though snoring is not a risk factor, it can be very irritating, especially to your partner or whomever you share your bedroom with. Clenching your jaw causes breathing problems which lead to snoring. The good news is night guards are designed to prevent the top and bottom joins from touching, promoting good airflow in the process

Prevent Teeth Grinding With A Custom Night Guard 

If you are waking up with headaches, muscle and jaw pains, you might want to contemplate getting a custom night guard. They are the best solution to improving the quality of your sleep, reducing dental pain, and preventing any further damage to your teeth. It is also worth mentioning if you recently had your invisalign in farmington, it can also act as a night guard.

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