Benefits Of Giving Your Kitty Some Quality Cat Furniture

February 17, 2022

Not only is modern cat furniture a great way to have a lot of fun with your cat, but it also comes with a range of benefits for both you and your furry friend. Here are some of the top benefits you will enjoy when you purchase quality furniture for your cat:

1. Less Scratched-Up Furniture

Plenty of cat owners know the struggles that ensue when a cat decides your favorite couch or chair would make a great scratching post. Rather than punishing this behavior, a more effective solution is to redirect that energy elsewhere. Scratching posts and other components of kitty furniture give cats a better target for their scratching.

2. No Cats Climbing Where They Should Not Be

Have you ever left your cat alone for a moment only to find them halfway up your curtain or somewhere else they do not belong when you come back? You can reduce this behavior by giving your cats a huge cat tree, that will give them a less risky way to get out all of their acrobatic urges.

3. Builds Confidence For A Timid Cat

Cats have a variety of different personalities, including some that are more confident while others are shy and timid. Play is a great way for any timid cat to start coming out of their shell. As they build up their abilities playing on the furniture, they will gradually gain more confidence and become more sociable.

4. Strengthens Bonds In A Multi-Cat House

Sometimes, having multiple cats can lead to difficult situations. Cats may not readily accept one another depending on their personalities. By playing together with the toys and furniture you get them, cats that have difficulty getting along can start forming friendships that will bring a greater sense of peace to your home.

5. Gives Cats A Secure Hiding Place

Every cat, but especially timid and shy ones, benefit from having a secure place that they know they can hide out in if they are scared or just want to be alone. Furniture with a built-in shelter gives cats a place they can go to feel safe and secure whenever your feline friend needs to get away from it all.

6. Play With Toys Instead Of Your Belongings

Many cat owners know what it is like when something seems to go missing out of nowhere, only to find that your cat has batted it under a piece of furniture. By giving your cat proper toys to play with, you will reduce the chance that they want to play with your car keys or other valuables instead. You can buy it from

7. Keeps Kitty Claws Healthy

Cats need their claws to maintain a healthy and happy life. Giving them furniture that features scratching posts and other elements they can wear their claws down on helps them do that. You will have lots of fun with your furniture, and your cat will be better off playing with it.

8. Provides A De-Stress Station

You have likely seen your cat exhibit sudden energy bursts that send them running through the house and scratching every surface they can reach. Just like other animals and even humans, for that matter, cats experience frustration from time to time. They release that energy by moving and clawing. Modern cat furniture gives your feline a safe place to de-stress, and they can scratch it whenever they like.

9. Promotes Physical Health

Cats tend to enjoy greater health when they can stretch in a variety of ways. Without this diligence, felines can gain weight and face problems like heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis. But cat furniture provides an easy solution for overweight felines or those who might be best described as couch potatoes.

To illustrate, a vertical structure allows them to pull and stretch their hindquarter, back, and shoulder muscles. Horizontal or flat structures provide similar benefits in that shoulder and back muscles can be comfortably stretched. Such movements allow cats to exercise in different ways and target all of their muscle groups. In other words, cat furniture promotes physical activity that can help shed excess pounds and tone muscles.

10. Offers Different Pleasurable Surfaces

A cat’s paws are highly sensitive to different surfaces. Any furniture that combines carpeting with hard or rough surfaces will stimulate their paws and further promote good health.

More specifically, a softer surface helps your feline deeply clean between their claws and gives them something to harmlessly shred which, as you might have guessed, they love to do. Likewise, rougher surfaces help them maintain nail health (as mentioned earlier) and even claim their territory. The act of “claiming” is good for your cat’s mental health and helps them feel secure.

Giving your cat the furniture it needs helps ensure they thrive within the comfort of your home. In addition to building your kitty’s confidence, cat furniture can provide a secure place to hide, keep claws healthy, and even help relieve stress. And in the meantime, your carpet, hardwood, and furniture will remain beautifully intact.

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