Unraveling The Royal Essence Of Rajasthan

January 11, 2019

There is no doubt that Rajasthan ranges amongst the top tourist attractions in India, but people only go to places in that region that are well known. There are a few “hidden gems” in Rajasthan that are not known to many people, however they are still a must visit. The following is a list of a few places that will unravel the true royal essence of Rajasthan.

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  • Bundi

Bundi is a place in Rajasthan that we all know about, but do not visit often, as we are not aware of the true beauty and the historic importance that this special place has to offer us. It is situated in between the amazing cities of Udaipur and Jaipur and is very neatly preserved, thus one can see all the ancient things perfectly. This place is very gorgeous due to its amazing royal architecture and scenic man-made lake. It also has a fort of the Maharaja and your guide may tell you of stories related to the palace. So, even if you have been to Rajasthan, then you must come back again to explore this place.

  • Baroli Temples

Second in the list is the Baroli temples, which are located to the south of Bundi. These temples are very popular. Even if you are an atheist and do not believe in God and worship, you should come here to see the religious heritage of India. These are not simple idols and stones — they are natural wonders. So, this is also amongst one of those places in Rajasthan that people should definitely visit.

  • Fort of Bhainsrorgarh

Once you are in Temples of Baroli, there is another must visit the place near to it. This is the fort of Bhainsrorgarh, which is located on the bank of the River Chambal. When you visit this place, you will see the exact shadow of the fort in the water. It will look like a mirror image of it. Like every other royal family of India, this fort was converted into a hotel by the residences. The only difference is that this hotel is still managed by that family itself. This place should be on your Bucket List if you truly want to encounter the royal architecture of Rajasthan. To reach this place you will have to take a boat ride, which you can take from Baroli.

  • Narlai

If you have seen the Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor movie “Jab We Met”, then he or she must have seen some of the glimpses of the villages of Rajasthan. The point is, the culture and tradition of any place still lie in the villages. So, if you really want to enjoy or see the life of the people living there, then you should go to the place called Narlai. It is not just one movie, but many other Bollywood filmmakers have chosen the location of Rajasthan, but most of them show the village life of it. Therefore, to explore the real beauty of Rajasthan come to this place called Narlai, where you will get to see the glimpses of Rajasthani folk culture.

These are a few of the places one must visit while on your next trip to Rajasthan!

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