How To Learn A New Skill (And Stick With It) In 2019

January 11, 2019

Every time a new year rolls in, folks around the globe join together in making big plans and initiating change for the upcoming year. The practice of setting intentions and establishing resolutions is a long-held tradition across many cultures. 

While this is generally a positive experience that can lead to beneficial growth for many, it is also a surefire way to feel disappointed at the end of the year if all the boxes on your resolution list have not been ticked. But there are lots of ways you can continue to motivate yourself to achieve your goals and learn new skills in 2019. Here are a few helpful tips to get you started:

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

People toss around this saying all the time, but when it comes to making changes in your life, there is some genuine truth to it. If you invest your hard-earned money in something that helps you on your journey, you are more likely to follow through with completing your goals. 

When you still have positive energy brimming and are ready for change at the start of the new year, go ahead and register for that class you have been wanting to take or purchase that gym membership. The sooner you begin the process, the less likely you are to chicken out. 

And if you’re feeling wishy-washy about whether something is worth the investment, do some reading and research ahead of time. There are hundreds of great reviews for different programs and classes all over the web–such as this full MasterClass review that are great tools as you dive into a new endeavor.

Make Your Own Path

It is easy to get caught up in the ways that the people we admire achieve their goals. But just because something worked for someone else does not necessarily mean it’s the right way for you. Assess your abilities and means create your own personal roadmap. 

This way, your goals can be more realistically in reach. For example, if you love writing and have been dying to finish and publish that dusty manuscript on your desk, go for it! You do not need a fancy publisher to do the work for you, as many successful writers have done. There are plenty of talented authors who self-published their own books and found even more satisfaction through the process. Do not let others dictate your path or limit your reach!

Surround Yourself With Motivators 

There are some people in our lives that, no matter how much we love them, do not help us on our path to success. While it can be hard to cut ties with certain folks, if you really want to achieve your goals, you need to surround yourself and fill your life with positive people who will cheer you on. 

Take time to assess your relationships and evaluate which are adding to your life and which are weighing you down. In addition to assessing current relationships, try to seek out communities that have similar goals to you. If you want to volunteer more, go to informational meetings and learn about opportunities while surrounded by like-minded people. There is a good chance you will make friends along the way. 

Final Thoughts

If you are willing to put in some hard work and energy, anything is possible in this new year. Why make it any harder for yourself than you need to? With these simple tips, you will be living the life of your dreams in no time and tick every last box on that resolution list come 2020.

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