Top Five Best Places To Visit In Ukraine

July 14, 2021

Ukraine is a wonderful country with many attractions and tourist hotspots. It is famous for its hospitable people, delicious cuisine, and, of course, beautiful ladies who are open to communication with foreigners. Therefore, while visiting Ukraine you can combine the useful with the pleasant. Travel to Ukraine and who knows, maybe you will find your destiny there. In this article, we cover the top five best places to visit in Ukraine for foreign tourists.


Ukrainian pearl of the Black Sea annually attracts millions of visitors. Odessa is a popular seaside resort with sandy beaches, a soft climate, and pure water of the Black Sea. Beyond that, Odessa boasts its special urban architecture which combines different historical periods, narrow streets, and famous Potemkin Stairs — more than 200 steps connecting “the Sky and the Sea”.

For those who love culture, there is the Odessa Opera House. The building of the theater is one of the five best architectural structures in the World.

Particular attention should be given to local people. They are very hospitable, cheerful, and have an inimitable sense of humor. Check it out while communicating with ladies from Odessa. You can meet local beauties on the beach, cozy cafes, or even online on the website


This city rightly deserves the status of Ukrainian cultural capital. Tourists not only from Ukraine are heading to Lviv to enjoy its architecture, city atmosphere, and coffee shops with their nosy coffee. Lviv’s Old Town is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. It’s like a small Europe in Ukraine.

Stroll down the streets paved with cubes, taste traditional Ukrainian cuisine, visit a local brewery, walk upstairs to the Town Hall and enjoy the scenery of the city. While visiting Lviv it may seem that local people never rush somewhere. Lviv girls have an ordered lifestyle in contrast to ladies from Odessa, who are more energetic and dynamic.


The list of top five best places to visit in Ukraine will not be complete without the Ukrainian capital. Kiev is an administrative, cultural, and economic center of the country and it is the most populated city in Ukraine. It has what to offer for even the most demanded tourists. Museums, art galleries, theatres, exhibition halls, UNESCO World Heritage attractions, and many other traditional things are waiting for you in Kyiv.

Besides traditional tourist hotspots, Kyiv offers to its visitors many festivals, concerts, unusual restaurants, and gastropubs. Local nightlife is literally legendary. That is why Kyiv is a must-visit when you’re in Ukraine.


The unspoken name of Kharkiv is the student capital of Ukraine. The thing is that there are so many universities and institutes in Kharkiv that youth from all over Ukraine are heading here to get a degree. That is why you may meet here ladies from Odessa, Kiev, Lviv, Poltava, Dnipro, and other cities. Moreover, even foreigners come to the city to pass into local universities.

Kharkiv looks like a modern European city with lush green areas, clean streets, and a combination of old and modern architecture. The same as in Kyiv, here are myriads of thematic gastropubs and places where you can have a good time at night.

Ukrainian Carpathians

The last but not the least destination in our top list are Ukrainian Carpathians. If you are tired of noisy city life and you need some relaxation, visit traditional Ukrainian mountain villages. Choose a partner for a trip from Odessa brides agency or any other, book a wooden house with sauna and breathtaking view of forest and river. What can be better than a week or two far away from the crowd alone with nature and your significant other?

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