Self-Care While Traveling: Three After-Sun Skincare Tips

July 14, 2021

The sun has its own quirks and perks. For instance, a healthy dose can lift your mood, keep you warm and cozy, as well as energize you as you jumpstart your day. However, too much sun exposure can also do more harm than good. The UV rays may prompt the development of premature aging, such as fine lines, age spots, wrinkles, and can aggravate skin conditions, such as eczema, flare-ups, redness, and the like. 

When you are traveling, it may seem challenging to maintain your skincare regimen. With the jet lag and packed agendas, your skincare routine might not be exactly on your priority list. However, if you are going to spend several hours outdoors, you need to protect your skin with post-treatment products and methods to keep it healthy and happy.

Whether you are going on a road trip or camping in the woods, below are three after-sun skincare tips to consider while traveling:

  • Stay Moisturized

After going through your usual skincare routine, finish it off with a moisturizer. Your moisturizer will help support your beauty efforts, replenish dehydrated skin, and prevent your skin from drying out. Moisturizers make this happen by retaining water in the outermost layer of skin. 

During the night, choose a rich, creamy formula to help restore your burnt skin. Before applying the product, make sure that your face is already makeup and sebum-free. While it is slightly damp, gently apply the moisturizer in upward strokes. On the other hand, during the day, choose a lightweight formula that will sit still under your makeup. 

Most individuals are fine to use any facial moisturizers. However, if you have sensitive skin, it would be best to consult your dermatologists as they can provide you recommendations and practical insights on how to take care of your skin while on vacation. Moreover, you can opt for reputable skincare brands, such as Comfort Zone and other similar skincare companies. These businesses have an array of skincare solutions that may help soothe your inflamed skin due to UV exposure.

Additionally, keep in mind that consistently moisturizing your skin may help slow down the development of premature aging and other skin concerns.

  • Pack A Few Sheet Masks

Sheet masks work similarly to your pipette serums. However, they come in lightweight fabrics that you can apply on your skin and peel off. It can also instantly hydrate and cool your skin, especially during long hours of sun exposure. 

Aside from being an indulgent treat, the right sheet mask can give your skin a boost as it may help deal with common skin concerns triggered by heat exposure. It can calm your mad and red skin while keeping it supple, too.

When using the sheet mask, make sure to pat it gently on your face. You can also use the remaining product from the package and lather it onto your neck as to not waste anything.

Conveniently, there is an array of sheet mask options to choose from. However, it would be best to choose ingredients that will compliment your skin type and keep it well-hydrated, especially if you are going to stay in a humid region. 

For instance, purchase sheet mask products that harbor hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, vitamin C, collagen, and similar regenerating properties. You can also rely on calming ingredients such as aloe vera, cucumber, and more. All of these ingredients may help soothe your skin and bring back moisture.

Moreover, if you are traveling with your girl squad, packing a few sheet masks can help all of you relax and stay cool after exploring the city. It’s the best way to unwind as you go through your nighttime skincare routine, watch TV, or have a glass of wine.

  • Carry A Facial Mist

A facial mist is not only handy on post-plane rides, but it can also keep your skin well-hydrated and fresh throughout your vacation. Moreover, facial mists may have sebum-regulating properties that can help you manage oiliness, especially if you are going to cover your face with makeup. It can likewise help revitalize dry skin, making it perfect for long train rides or if you are going to travel in a tropical country.

When you are out in the sun, your skin tends to overheat and turn red. Hence, opt for rosewater facial mist and other similar hydrating ingredients. A rosewater facial mist may soothe the redness, dullness, and any itchiness caused by sun exposure. 

If you are only traveling for a few days, you can always grab a small-sized empty bottle and fill it with your mist. This is a great way to save up space in your carry-on bag as you’ll only packing the necessary skincare products.

Final Thoughts

At times, self-care while traveling may get overlooked. Nonetheless, it is crucial to take care of your skin and lather in sun-protective treatments to keep it healthy. By keeping the above tips in mind, you can enjoy your vacation without worrying much about the heat.

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