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July 25, 2019

There is no shortage of amazing places to visit in Ukraine. The West is always cosy and picturesque, the South is charming and greeting and The East and North are industrial and powerful. Every corner contains many beautiful tourists places.

This is a guide to the most tourist cities of Ukraine — Kyiv and Lviv, will help you figure out what to see/do, where comfortably accommodate, and how much will that cost.


Kyiv is the heart of Ukraine and the country’s largest city, that was founded on the banks of the Dnieper River. This city is a unique mix of architectural masterpieces, delicious food, traditional and modern art, and business life.

And Kyiv is ready to surprise you at any time of the year.

A place to visit and a must see?

We particularly recommend you take a stroll down the main street of the capital: Khreshchatyk. Next place, the cobbled street of Andriivs’kyi Descent. Locals are convinced that this is one of the last places, which managed to save the incredible atmosphere of the old city.

And of course, St Sophia’s Cathedral is a must-see place. Climb the Baroque bell tower and you can enjoy fantastic views of the city centre.

What about food?

Here you can easily find many restaurants throughout the city, where you can enjoy delicious traditional food. But if you want to truly understand the Kyiv food scene you really should go to the streets.

Start your gastrotur with Yaroslava, a retro eatery making incredibly tasty pies since the middle of the last century. Next location is a legendary Perepichka, serving fried buns with a sausage. And for those who do not eat meat, we have some modern spots. One Planet is the best vegan restaurant in town.

The best places to stay?

If you are traveling on business, you will feel quite at home staying at one of the well-established international hotel chain such as Premier Hotels and Resorts.

Premier Palace Hotel is unique, because it is the only one in the city that holds more than a century of history. In addition this hotel is located in the heart of the business and cultural life of Kyiv, in walking distance from major business centers and near Khreschatyk Street.


Lviv is one of the most amazing underappreciated cities in Europe. Visiting this city is a real pleasure, and no matter what time of the year, Lviv is always beautiful and offers many activities. See for yourself!

A place to visit and a must see?

Start getting acquainted with the Old Town and explore the Market Square. It’s the heart of the city and furthermore the perfect viewing point Town Hall lies just in the middle of this square. Climbing up is not easy, but worth the effort.

Rest of The Old Town will meet you with variety and grandeur, which manifest in the majestic old buildings. Also these streets host many of the key galleries and museums in the country.

And of course, you must see the Lviv National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet. Maybe you are not a huge fan of opera, but you can get enough by just walking the Svobody Ave.

What about food?

Lviv is a city with a number of catering places of high service and original concepts. Traditional food is found on almost every menu. The most famous restaurants are Kryivka Restaurant, At Arsenal and House of Legends. Just try Ukrainian cuisine, and you will not want another meal.

Prices in Lviv restaurants will be pleasantly impressed by their availability. A two-course meal with alcoholic beverage at a good restaurant can cost about 400 UAN.

The best places to stay?

Cultural capital of Ukraine is open to tourists, so there will be no housing problems. Lviv does have Airbnb though there are not many options. Or use Booking as they have a large base of affordable housing.

But if you prefer more comfortable accommodation, we recommend Premier Hotel Dnister. It is the most hospitable hotel offering a captivating panorama of the Old Town. Located upon a hill opposite the amazing central park, the hotel is within walking distance of major city sights.

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