Three Ways To Feel More Confident During Your First Boudoir Photoshoot

July 25, 2019

As of June of last year, Instagram had one billion monthly active users around the world, which makes it all too easy for us to share our best moments — and fixate on the areas wherein we feel we do not measure up. That is something many boudoir photographers are hoping to change with their work.

Boudoir photoshoots have become immensely popular during the past few years, as is evidenced by the 870,000 Instagram users who now follow boudoir accounts. Boudoir, in theory, is not merely for those who fit society’s conventional beauty standards; it is a photography style that can allow subjects to showcase the unique features that make them so powerful and alluring. 

That said, many women shy away from this experience if they do not feel they are thin enough, pretty enough or self-assured enough to get in front of the camera and strut their stuff. But here are just three ways you can boost your self-confidence and end up with a set of photos you will absolutely love.

Get To Know Your Photographer

Finding the right photographer is key. In this case, personality matters just as much as technical skill. Not only should you make sure you love the artist’s work, but you should also ensure you feel completely comfortable with this person. A skilled boudoir photographer like Alli Murphy will guide you through every step of the process and make you feel at-ease during every step.

You want to know exactly what to expect throughout the session and receive guidance on poses to get the results you’re after. If you ever have any questions or feel awkward, your photographer should be there to help and give you the support and reassurance you need. You can also talk to your photographer beforehand about any areas you specifically do not want to highlight, so that you will not have to fixate on those worries throughout the shoot.

For example, if you feel you need varicose vein treatment or feel insecure about a particular body part, your photographer will work with you to strategically focus on other areas to alleviate stress.

Choose Garments You Love

Contrary to what you might think, boudoir photography is not always about showing off a lot of skin. While some boudoir photography features skimpy garments or even just a down comforter wrapped around the subject, other shots will showcase someone in cozy pajamas or an oversized t-shirt.

It is all about what makes you feel comfortable and attractive. You might consider going on a little shopping trip beforehand to pick out some plus size lingerie or a decorative robe that makes you feel attractive and excited for the shoot. Alternatively, your photographer may have some tips for garments to consider; some might even have items for you to borrow or purchase on the day of your shoot.

Do not be afraid to try out some different styles and do not get hung up on the size, either. Once you find some items that bring out your personality and make you feel gorgeous, you will be able to translate that onto film.

Curate A Feel-Good Playlist

Music can play an important role in how you feel and behave in any situation. You might feel a bit uneasy during a photo session at first, especially when you are more physically and emotionally vulnerable. But with the right playlist, you will quickly loosen up and get into the groove (literally).

Something upbeat and a little bit funky will usually do the trick. So as much as you may love classical composers, you will want to go with more Lizzo than Liszt. Talk with your photographer about how they usually handle music during sessions before you arrive and make a few artist suggestions, so they can get a feel for what you like. Anything with a good beat or baseline is usually a good bet!

Although, one boudoir session will not completely fix any insecurities, this experience can have a huge impact on how you see yourself. With these tips in mind, you will be well on your way to rocking your photoshoot and skyrocketing your self-confidence in the long term.

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