Is It Possible to Order Contacts Online in the USA?

July 26, 2019

Unfortunately, it always happens that you run out of your contact lenses right a few days before an important event and need to order a new set of lenses immediately. But, is it so easy to order lenses, especially if you have poor vision and use prescription lenses?

If you are living in the USA, you already must be aware that there are many regulations that you will have to follow. Though there are sites like Contactlenses US that can make your life easier by allowing you to order contact lenses online without prescription for buying contact lens there are regulations in the place which may make it difficult for you to obtain them easily.

How can You Buy Contact Lenses in the USA?

The US government has made it mandatory to obtain a new prescription every year to order for contact lenses. A prescription is valid only for a year and without a prescription, you will find it nearly impossible to order your contact lenses.

The Hassle with Getting Prescriptions:

Getting your eyes tested is a very good practice to make sure that you are using the right power and also if your eyes are healthy. But forcing people to get it done every year may seem a bit extreme. While using a vision correction contact lenses, if you are not uncomfortable and your vision is clear, there seems to be no need for you to visit an eye doctor again to get a repeat prescription. But due to the regulations, most people are forced to do this every year by spending several dollars. 

The Loophole in the Regulation and the Fix:

While people who have eye-related issues are forced to visit an eye doctor every year if they wish to buy contact lenses, what about the remaining citizens? Are just these people prone to eye issues and the rest are immune? In fact, people who have eye issues inevitably visit an eye specialist as and when required but the ones who have never had an eye issue would never bother stepping into the doctors’ office. In fact, a fair law would be to make sure that each citizen visits an eye doctor every 3-5 years. This will ensure that every citizen is tested timely to avoid serious eye issues.

How Do You Buy Prescription Free Contact Lenses in the US?

The internet is miraculous and lets you order lenses from the comfort of your home. If you just wish to order lenses which do not correct your vision like colored lenses, that can be easily done from many online sites available. Such lenses do not need prescriptions hence you need not bother.

Now, let us talk about correction lenses, can you order it online? Well, you obviously can order for contact lenses online but most of the websites only let you order if you have a valid prescription with you. This again is no different from going to a store instead. Do not get disheartened as online sites like contactlenses4us allows you to order contact lenses online without prescriptions. With all types of contact lenses with them, this site really can save you time and money and make obtaining contact lenses hassle-free.

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