CBD Gummy Bears: Are They As Effective As CBD Oils?

November 15, 2019

CBD has been growing its market share over the past five years. The industry is now worth over 22 billion dollars. This has resulted in a product range that is vast and all-encompassing to the point where there is very little left for manufacturers to make and sell, as they have already covered most of the bases. As such, with a diverse product range, how do you know which CBD product is best for you? It is a hard road to take, since there is so much information out there claiming to be the number one source for all things CBD. We want to hone in on one such delivery method, which is proving to be more and more popular. That of the recent CBD gummies craze. But the question is do CBD gummies produce the same effect as other CBD products, such as tinctures and e-liquids?

What Are CBD Gummies? 

CBD gummies are an up and coming CBD trend, where CBD oil has been infused to the gelatin based gummy sweets recipe. As such, consuming the CBD gummies give off the regular effects you would associate with CBD oil like help in reducing anxiety and promoting calmness and happiness in a person. The benefits of gummies are that they come in a variety of formats, which can include changes to the size, shape, design and milligrams of CBD infused in them. This allows for a tailored experience in which consumers are able to pick out CBD gummy products that are personal to them and their needs. That being said, how effective are CBD gummies compared to that of regular CBD products such as tinctures and e-liquids?

Are CBD Gummies As Effective As Other CBD Products? 

As with any CBD product there will be certain variables that dictate whether or not the product is more effective or less effective than others. For instance, CBD tinctures that are deposited under your tongue will have a greater effect and quicker impact than that of CBD gummies, as they are absorbed straight into the bloodstream. CBD gummies with THC, however, have the advantage of being absorbed through the stomach walls, which produces a slower release, but the effects will last for a longer time. Those who are wishing to feel the effects of calmness throughout the day are suggested to consume edible based products in line with a daily health routine. If you do need to top up and feel you need more of an effect you have the ability to change your dosage easily by consuming more CBD gummies, therefore increasing the effects of the CBD oil found within them. 

Final Thoughts?

As previously mentioned it is important to note that not everyone will feel comfortable taking CBD oil in its raw form and CBD gummies offer a more enjoyable way to consume CBD oil. The effects of which are slow releasing and discreet to those who work in an office environment. We suggest as always to speak to a qualified consultant to gain advice on a perfect dosage for yourself. 

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