Different Types Of Fur To Be Familiar With

July 26, 2019

How many types of fur are you able to recognize by name and look? Many people know they are wearing fur whether it is real, faux, or a lily lulu teddy bear jacket. However, they are not able to distinguish them by name or design. Fur is truly an amazing material that for many years has kept people warm and fashionable in various capacities. There are many types of fur that you can choose from depending on your style preference and the look you aim to achieve. Get to learn of different types from the most luxurious, popular, and the greatest quality of fur among many other characteristics in the following different types.:

Mink fur 

This is the most popular fur in the market. Its demand grows more years in, year out due to its versatility, super quality, style, durability, and of course warmth. It gives you an option to dye it to a shade you prefer it is readily available in the market. Plus, its desirability level in the fashion industry makes you have one for yourself. The most common places to dress up to mink fur garments are at weddings, theaters, and is an exclusive piece for daily wear. Its texture is a lightweight silky soft short hair nap that shines with unmistakable luster. Both men and women can wear this classic fur in the form of jackets, vests, hats, and pillows, as well to accessorize your home.

Fox Fur

The fox fur is second of the most popular fur from the mink fur due to its various color variations and production methods. It is also affordable and you can be able to choose from various natural colors like blue, white, red, and gray. Another beauty is that you can dye these colors to bring out a personal style to what suits your taste. It is also very warm, durable and requires a lot of regular cleaning. It fits well on whichever occasion that you adorn on with it. A trend with this silky soft fur that is glamorous and lightweight is worth owning. Either as a hat, scarf, jacket, or a blanket — all will look beautiful in this fur.

Beaver fur 

This stylish and beautiful beaver fur can be used as a natural length, sheared or plucked. The natural length is more rugged and masculine with thick soft under fur that is its source of warmth. While the plucked and sheared has a soft velvety even pile. It is popular because of its warmth in comparison to other types of furs. It is timeless, a water-repellant, resilient usage, and fashionable. If you are visiting or living in a chilly environment this is the perfect fur to have whether as a coat or a blanket to keep you warm at night. 

Chinchilla Fur 

The chinchilla originated from South America and it is the most luxurious fur of all. This type of fur is mainly seen worn by celebrities and is showcased on high profile fashion week forums. Its popularity level is high-end fashion and expensive due to the high quality of fur being used. Due to the flashy look, it provides the chinchilla fur is mainly worn for special occasions to bring out that classic fashion statement. Despite all this, it requires proper care while wearing it and professional maintenance due to its delicate texture. 

Lamb Fur 

This lightweight, breathable, and stylish fur is very common for both men and women. It contains a large variety of texture, weight, types, and prices as well. Some popular lamb fur examples are broadtail, swakara, shearling, and Persian lamb. It is very warm and its usage has been in boots, car seats, rags, gloves, and jackets as well. Its awesome insulating properties make it a warm neutral wear. The shearling type is the most unique since it is a combination of lamb pelts and leather side suede that can be reversible giving this garb a versatile boost. Its softness, color blends, and weight have constantly been improved by the new product quality. 

Lynx fur 

It originated from Russia, Europe, and North America. It is popular because it is rare, desirable and with its striking spotted fur it is common as a high fashion. This type of fur is a very warm and glamorous type of formal wear fur. The Russian fur is the most expensive and rarest because it is the whitest and the softest to the North America and Europe lynx furs. For great durability, the lynx type of fur should have professional maintenance and great care while wearing it. As much as it is trendy the lynx fur prices depend on its origin and you can determine its quality with spots, white or beige color, and markings. 

Rabbit fur 

This is the most abundant fur available world over. It also comes in a wide range of natural colors. Plus, it is affordable in comparison to other fur types and it’s very versatile with its popularity being seen everywhere. With rabbit fur, you can achieve the stylish, sporty, and trendy look by adorning it. The texture is ultra-soft short fur and you are spoilt for choice to shear, groove or go natural. It is warm and can be worn to a wedding party depending on the color you choose and are a favorite for women as men find them too flashy for a fashion choice. 

To summarize, Skunk, raccoon, the muskrat is part of the endless list of the various types of furs available in the world. A fur coat attributes to one’s status, elegance, glamour, and femininity. Due to the rising debates of the type of fur being worn should be real or ecofriendly, every fashionista deserves to have one as part of their collection. Still presented in the fashion world as the management of the wildlife species in terms of animal rights is observed. Complete your fashion desire if need be with a faux fur of different colors, lengths and enrich your style today.

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