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Common Discomforts During Pregnancy And Their Treatment

March 26, 2020
Pregnancy is a happy time for most mothers. The thought of being a vessel that gives life to another human is exhilarating. However, together with the joy and rosy glow, come various discomforts that cloud this amazing experience -- at least temporarily. In this article, we are going to highlight...

The Connection Between Poor Diet And Hair Loss

March 9, 2020
As the saying goes, your skin and hair are a reflection of your health. If you fail to consume a proper diet or do not manage your stress levels well, your hair will ultimately suffer. It will appear weak and malnourished.  While acne and weight gain are some of the...

Five Everyday Habits That Help Bring Out Your Natural Beauty

March 3, 2020
Today’s beauty industry is abuzz with products that claim to make you look like the models who advertise them. But those models do not look the way they do because of the product they are holding in their hands. The truth is that they are naturally beautiful -- otherwise they...

Four Smart Ways To Soothe A Child’s Cold

Sick child
March 3, 2020
Being a parent can be tough, especially when your child is not feeling well. If you have noticed your child coming down with one of those sniffly, sneezy, and all-around uncomfortable colds, then you need to know how to help them through their sickness. Although, there is not a cure...

Five Tips To Help You Get The Best Out Of Laser Hair Removal Treatments

February 28, 2020
Laser hair removal is the best way to deal with unwanted hair. After a few sessions, you can stop hair growth completely, so you never need to worry about it again. You also do not have to deal with the side effects of shaving and waxing, like razor burn, ingrown...