Top Hairstyles In The Fashion Capitals Of The World

January 14, 2016

Women’s fashion is everything from clothing, accessories, shoes, and even hair! Choosing a haircut today is not only about what is comfortable and suits you, but also keeping up with the latest trends in the world of fashion. Where better to get hair inspiration than from the fashion capitals of the worlds? You can use Hair Stylists Directory to find salons where you can get this new style. Here is a look at the trending hairstyles around the world:

New York

New York hair fashion is everything from sleek and well-polished to tousled and grungy. If you are going for the short hair look; a messy bob or messy mane with just the right amount of messy can keep you looking chic and trendy in the streets on New York. For the longer hair, super straight, slick, and tied into a bun or let loose with curls falling down to the shoulders can make the perfect look for almost any occasion.


Most popular in the United Kingdom right now is a short, tight cut with pops of color including: fierce copper, blonde, jet-black, and even a little out of the box like pink or purple. From big bangs to short tight bobs ending just at the jaw line, short hair is big. With the right hairstylist on your side, you can model this short hair in such a wide variety of styles and colors. You can get a lot of inspiration by searching the web.


Paris today is all about the natural wash and wear look. The perfect frizz with easy curls is not easy to achieve if you have difficult hair. A significant amount of mouse and hairspray may be involved to get this simple yet chic look. The lucky ones can achieve it by simply washing, conditioning, and mussing it up before bed to wake up with the fashionably messy bed head.


Italy is considered the home of big hair in the world of fashion. Today, women in Milan still embrace the trend as is evident from their runways. Applying a little blow dry lotion to the root of the hair and mouse on the rest of the length is the beginning of the blow-drying process to achieve the right amount of lift and volume. This is followed by curling, brushing, and hairspray to style the hair and keep the curls in place.


Tokyo is an emerging fashion capital in the 21st Century and has quite a lot to offer in hair fashion too. Japanese hairstylists have perfected the art of creating bangs. Bangs are big in Tokyo right now whether on short, medium, or long hair. Parted bangs, side bangs, thick bangs, you name it they have it. Coupled with pops of color and a little bit of curling, Japanese women are rocking bangs in ways that many women in other parts of the world will envy.

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