Retro Hairstyles: Bring The Memories Back

April 11, 2017

From the blowout that made Brigitte Bardot famous to pin curls that remind everyone of Marilyn Monroe, you can definitely bring back the retro hairstyles! Retro hairstyles are timeless and easy to accomplish. Here are a couple of famous ones that take you back to the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s.

Geometric Cut

If you can commit to touch-ups and trims as regularly as possible, the geometric cut is a retro style worth checking out. This 60’s style is perfect for those with straight hair and medium to thick in terms of texture. Sculpt it beautifully to ensure the cheekbones and neck look revved up.

Faux Bob

With the right outfit and shoes to match, the faux bob hairstyle from the 30’s is one worth bringing back. A faux bob from the retro 30’s that has been given a modern touch and shine will bring out a dazzling look for those who want to go out in style.

Headscarf Updo

An updo tied with a scarf brings to mind such huge icons of the big screen such as Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, and Audrey Hepburn. It is an easy to accomplish hairstyle even for a busy mom or a fun way to touch your hair when thinking about a girls’ day out in the sun.

Soft Wavy Bob

Soft wavy bobs are a retro delight. It is a perfect style for the girl thinking about a touch that balances innocence and romance. The face is framed in a superb way bringing attention to the face, especially the mouth. Keep it modern by using hot rollers to achieve unstructured waves.

Long Waves

Long waves bring Brigit Bardot to mind, a heart-throbbing retro worth bringing back. They are exceptionally flattering for petit girls with the height about the crown and volume balancing a small frame. The secret is ensuring the hair does not appear sprayed; use some dry shampoo on the crown and hot rollers to help pump it up rather than tease it.

Short Bangs

Any time you watch the Roman Holiday film it is hard to miss the short bangs that made Audrey Hepburn stand out in the classic. Super cropped bangs, they have returned with a bang, whether you want to wear them with feminine clothes or something bold. Bangs can be secured with bobby pins, little cool clips, or just swept towards one side.

Finger Waves

Finger waves is a retro style, blending the look that made Ava Gardner a memento in our minds and Marilyn’s timeless tease with a white dress as it flipped up above an air vent. Finger waves are gorgeously flattering and flirty as ever. Go with deconstructed waves and avoid sculpting as used to happen back in the day. This will make the waves a free-flowing delight.

Bumper Bangs

Bumper bangs is a retro hairstyle from the 50’s that bring back the memories of Bettie Page. The 50’s actress famous in her own right as a pin-up model makes this retro style so special. Bumper bangs are a perfect way to make an entry into an evening party.

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