Hair, Nor There!

May 22, 2017

Going bald can be a scary idea for some, but the outcome is often completely fierce.

Although, some choose to go bald — and look fabulous doing it — it is almost a worldwide convention in beauty to have a head full of long, thick locks. Like it or not, a bald head seems to connotate illness or infancy; neither of which a woman or man wants to portray in the prime of their life.

Whether you are bald by choice or by circumstance, there is no reason you cannot look and feel wonderful in any situation without having a heavy mane of hair to wrestle with in the mornings. That is a win right off the bat!


You will never have to worry about sporting some chandelier earrings when you have no hair to get tangled in them or hide their gorgeous designs. You cannot fail to make a statement. You can express yourself much better with the enormous range of jewelry on offer than you ever could with an intricate hairstyle.


There are certain types of clothing that benefit from having no hair. How many times have you bought a beautifully embroidered shirt with a funky back, only to find that your hair completely covers the effect? No worries there!

Plus, polo necks look amazing on you. Tres chic!

Hats And Scarves

We will be honest, there is a setback to having no hair. It can get chilly when summer’s over!
Luckily, there are lots of flattering winter wears (and even scarves and caps for the spring) that you can accessorize with. You will look cosy and cute all-year-round.

Bold Make Up

When you have it, flaunt it! It can be a daunting idea to have your face completely on show, with no bangs to hide behind or tendrils to fiddle with. The bright side is, you can be experimental with makeup to accentuate your eyes or lips! They are much easier (and less permanent) to color than hair, too.

Face Game

You may be surprised at just how well you suit the look. You never know until you try. There are countless notable people who have benefitted from a beard, a bald cut, or a buzz. When you see The Rock with hair, it will make you question what is even real. In a few months, people will be saying you looked strange with hair.


Rockers take notice! If you are feeling a bit bare, why not be daring and have a tattoo? It may not be for everyone, but it sure is striking. You can also choose between a delicate, feminine design or something completely hardcore.

Of course, not everyone will be a bald beauty by choice and if you are finding it hard to pay for wigs or regrowth treatments, then it may be worth getting in touch with a compensation claim company for help. Cancer survivors and fighters who have found their hair is not growing back following chemotherapy can consider filing a compensation claim to get some support in that area.

Whether you are in talks with a taxtotere attorney or if you are embracing your new look, you may not realize that you are the envy of everyone you meet — just be careful to hide the clippers or you may find yourself lost in the crowd! Bald is beautiful.

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