Fashion Advice For Your Summer Break Vacation

May 22, 2017

College is a brilliant time in your life, filled with learning, meeting new friends, and great new experiences. But, it is also hard work and college can be very stressful. This means when the holidays come around, you want to really make the most of them! Whether you are going away for a relaxing break with your parents this summer or exploring on an adventure packed vacation with your friends, you will want to make sure you look amazing. Here is a look at some great advice when it comes to packing for your summer break vacation:

Be Prepared For All Weather

When it comes to summer vacations, it would be lovely to think the weather will always be perfect. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Being prepared for a bit of inclement weather means it will not ruin your trip. Investing in a light, waterproof jacket and some waterproof boots could save your vacation.

On the other hand, depending on your destination, there may be some very hot weather you need to prepare for. So, be sure to pack a few options when it comes to swimwear, some light layers, sandals, and plenty of sunscreen.

Show Off Your School

You should be proud of where you go to school and this is a great time to show it off. A school hoody, t-shirt or a jacket can be a fantastic way to show all your new friends where you go to school. If you want something a little subtler that will last for years and can be worn with pride, consider a class ring or another piece of engraved jewelry from

Be Bold

College is a time to experiment with your style. It is a great chance to change your look, find out what works for you, what you like, and even who you are. A vacation gives you a chance to experiment with your look. You are away from home and the people you usually spend time with. No one is expecting you to look a certain way. So, make some bold choices. Pick outfits and colors that you would not normally wear. Have some fun with your fashion choices. If you like your new look then great. If not, never wear it again and destroy the photographs.

Pack Light

With all this to think about, you might be worried that your suitcase will not be big enough. The key to packing light while being prepared is to think about it. Pack outfits that work well with other pieces and transition easily from day to night. Key pieces, such as denim shorts, light tops, and lightweight cover ups can easily be dressed up with some different shoes and added accessories to suit any occasion.

Wherever you plan to spend your summer vacation, and whoever you are traveling with, remember to relax. This is your chance to take a break from your studies and unwind after a busy semester. Do not be too worried about fashion! Wear what you like, be proud, confident, and plaster on a smile — which is the sexiest thing of all when it comes to looking hot on the beach.

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