From Mother To Daughter: Fashion Tips You Need To Pass On

November 3, 2017

There are lots of important pieces of advice that many mothers make sure to pass on to their daughters. Some of this sage advice is related to the big things in life, such as careers and marriage. But it is also a good idea to pass on some wise fashion advice. After all, there are some fashion tips and tricks that are absolutely timeless and will not be going out of vogue any time soon!

So, are you ready to pass on your favorite fashion advice to your daughters? Here are some great tips you need to mention:

Changes In The Body Are Natural

As your daughters get older and go through puberty and become young adults, it is only natural that they will go through some physical changes. For instance, their breasts and hips will start to grow and they may gain a slight bit of weight. However, it is important that you let your daughter know that these are entirely normal. Some girls may start to freak out slightly, as soon as their body starts to change, so you might want to have a heart to heart chat with them to ease their worries.

You Cannot Beat Comfy Clothes

There is nothing better than slipping into something comfy and cozy! It certainly beats wearing something that looks good, but causes pain and discomfort. Your daughters need to bear this in mind when they go clothes and shoe shopping. Thankfully, lots of dress boutiques know that women now favor comfy clothes, so they make the effort to create garments that feel as great as they look. Your daughters will be able to get dressed out for an evening out without needing to worry about uncomfortable clothing!

Dress For Your Body Shape

You should also tell your daughters that their body shape will change as the years go on. Again, this is something that is perfectly normal and they should expect it. To ensure that they always look their best, they need to be sure that they are dressing to complement their current body shape and not one that they used to have.

Invest In Statement Pieces

If your daughters keep on buying garments that are very on-trend, they will have to replace them frequently. That is because fashions quickly come and go, and on-trend pieces can quickly look dated. Rather than buying items that will not look so good in a few months time, it is better to invest in statement pieces that will stand the test of time, no matter what is in fashion.

Make It Personal

Your daughters need to know that it is much better to wear things that suit their personality. That way, they will feel very comfortable in everything they wear and will be able to pull off no matter what they pull out of their wardrobe.

Hopefully, you are now full to the brim with inspiration that you can pass on to your daughters when they get older. Is there anything else you would share with them? Let me know in the comments below!

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