Accessorizing According To Your Style

August 21, 2017

Accessories can either bring life to your outfit or be the death of it. Ladies are often afraid to mix and match, and sometimes even feel jealous when they see models wearing the right jewelry with the right dress. However, you should always be careful when it comes to choosing your accessories. There are factors that you should consider, so you will not end up ruining your outfit or your style.

The Color

Ladies wear different colors for different occasions, places, or moods. Sometimes you are feeling laid back and want something more comfortable like a plain white shirt, but there are also some days when you are feeling adventurous, so you show off your boho-style with a pink off-shoulder blouse.

Whatever your style is for the day, the first thing you have to remember when accessorizing is that neutral colors will look good with any color of jewelry. And if you are wearing something colorful with lots of patterns, just make sure that your jewelry’s style will not clash with your outfit.

But how do you know if your accessories and your dress are just not meant to be together? Of course, you do not have to wear neutral attires all the time, so that you can accessorize easily. When you love colorful attires, always remember that the primary and secondary colors placed side by side on the color wheel will go well together. Meanwhile, colors that are opposite of each other on the wheel will allow you to make bold fashion statements.

Another bonus tip for you is to buy pieces of jewelry that you can customize according to your mood, your outfit, or your personality. Buying customizable jewelry like a Pandora bracelet is fun and allows customers like you to get the colors or the designs that you want based on your outfit.

The Style

Do you know that your accessories can completely change the way your outfit looks? Jewelry can show your boyish side, your preppy side, or your casual side. Knowing how your accessories can affect your look will give you control over how you want people to see you.

For girls who want to keep it classy, pearl or diamond earrings and a pair of classic black pumps are your best friends. You can also try being playful once in a while with a hobo bag and colorful ballet flats. Meanwhile, working girls do not have to sacrifice their styles, because a delicate necklace, a Charm bracelet Pandora, and a shoulder bag will complete your look.

Accessories are magical treasures that women should take advantage of. Most of the time it is confusing how you should wear them and which ones would look good with your outfit. But do not underestimate the power of accessorizing, because it allows you to send the right message to other people.

Are you feeling playful? Are you going to work? Or do you love being classy? You can show all of your sides and moods by accessorizing and doing it right. The bottom line is to know the right color and never to be afraid of revealing your style. And if by chance you still do not get it right, remember, your smile is still the best accessory to wear!

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