Girls Only: Seven Secrets Of A Perfect Hen Party

August 22, 2017

Everybody knows that a wedding ceremony is one of the sweetest days in every woman’s life. However, there is one more day that can be memorable — the day of a hen party. A hen party is the last day of a free life, which is celebrated together with the bride’s best friends. This day should be full of fun! So, there are many traditions that help to make this event exciting and memorable and make sure the bride is happy.

How To Organize The Best Hen Party Ever?

It can be truly said that a preparation of a bachelorette party is very important, because it is the last day of bride’s freedom before the married life. The main aim of this evening is to have fun with friends, both females and males. So, what are the best hen party ideas to make this evening unforgettable? Here are some of them:

  1. Consider the timing. The very first thing for you to choose is the time when your hen party will be organized. Usually, it is better to have a hen party a month before the wedding ceremony itself. Why is it so? Each hen party implies that friends will make presents to a bride-to-be. However, guests usually prepare a present for a wedding ceremony as well. So, it means that people invited both to a hen party and a wedding ceremony should prepare two gifts, which is very expensive. Therefore, it is better to spend this day a month before the wedding. Moreover, it is better to plan a hen party on the weekend, because there are many hen weekend ideas that will satisfy both a bride and her guests.
  2. Choose the theme of this day. This day is special, so you should celebrate it unforgettably. One of the best ways to do it is to make a theme party for you and your friends. The most popular hen party themes include: an outdoor hen party, some hens night ideas with male strip dance in a night club, a vintage hen party, and so on. However, you can think out your own story and embody it during this day.
  3. Define the place. After you finally chose a day and a theme for your hen party, it is high time to determine the place. Everybody heard about one of the latest wedding trends: destination weddings. However, hen party destinations are also becoming popular among young and active women. Why spend this day in crowded night clubs or bars if you have an opportunity to visit some exotic place and get exciting experience? Certainly, it is a very unusual and quite expensive way to celebrate a hen night, but why not?
  4. Invite guests. Each celebration implies the presence of guests. However, it is very important to decide who you want to see in front of you on such an important day. Certainly, you should invite your best friends, especially those who will be your bridesmaids at the wedding ceremony. Do not forget to make invitations for your hen party, which may match the style of the wedding invitations.
  5. Plan all activities for this event. A special day should have a special program created in advance. Usually, all invited women spend their time shopping or visiting spas, restaurants, bars, etc. Some brides prefer to go to male strip clubs to watch beautiful men dancing. However, it is up to you to decide how to spend this day and you may wish to consult your friends before making the arrangements to make sure everyone will be satisfied.
  6. Consider what clothes you want to wear. It is important to mention that pretty dresses are the best symbol of a cool hen party. For example, a bride-to-be and her friends can be dressed in a similar style, while a bride-to-be can be distinguished from other girls only with the help of hen party decorations like a bridal veil, for example. This tradition is very popular in different countries because it is believed that it protects the bride. When a bride and her friends wear similar clothes, evil spirits cannot reach and steal her, because they confuse her with other girls.
  7. Play games. Traditionally, this day should be dedicated to female entertainment activities. One of the things you may try is playing different engaging games. It is better to find different games for a hen party in advance, so as not to spend time on this during the hen party itself. Nowadays, there is a great variety of games to play with your friends during a bachelorette party, and you can choose several of them for your own party if you want to have some fun.

Hopefully, these hen party props will help you to organize the best hen party ever! Certainly, it is very difficult to plan a hen party and a wedding ceremony simultaneously, but we hope that our pieces of advice will make this process a little bit easier and less stressful. With our recommendations, you will be able to make all your dreams come true during this special day.

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