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Top Five Tips For Planning An Unforgettable Hen Party

July 20, 2022
Do you love planning parties for your friends? I do! And the more special the occasion, the more rewarding it is when your plan comes together. Hen parties are a ton of fun because they offer plenty of scope for creativity. Getting the girls giggling is easy enough, but you...

How to Celebrate Hen Party in London like a Pro

October 3, 2019
How to Celebrate Hen Party in London like a Pro Time has come for your best friend to be wed. How does that feel? You must be happy for your friend. But it can be a mix of happiness and sadness. Whoever wants to lose a friend? I mean the...

Girls Only: Seven Secrets Of A Perfect Hen Party

August 22, 2017
Everybody knows that a wedding ceremony is one of the sweetest days in every woman’s life. However, there is one more day that can be memorable -- the day of a hen party. A hen party is the last day of a free life, which is celebrated together with the...