How to Celebrate Hen Party in London like a Pro

October 3, 2019

How to Celebrate Hen Party in London like a Pro Time has come for your best friend to be wed. How does that feel? You must be happy for your friend. But it can be a mix of happiness and sadness. Whoever wants to lose a friend? I mean the kind freed that has always dominated the friendship is now going to have limitations! That aside, you have been tasked with the responsibility of preparing for a hen do ad you want to start organizing things right away. That’s interesting, though you can really sweat if you are short of ideas. In this blog, we are going to discuss how you can celebrate hen party like London like a pro.

London has a lot of venues for a hen do, each one with unique options for the hen do events that will make you and the girls fully occupied prior to the ensue of the debauchery. If ever in need you can always call a hire entertainment specialist. We know how difficult it can be coming up with ideas for such an event. You definitely want to meet the expectations and make the experience unforgettable, no matter the hundreds of hens you need to please. You also want to pay attention to the cost, it doesn’t have to cost the planet. Here are the tips for celebrating a hen party.

Get coordinated

How many friends are going to attend the event? What is your budget line? When precisely will even be held and what is the availability of the friends invited? These questions give you a glimpse of how you are supposed to approach matters. In reality, the logistics of coming up with a memorable hen party can really be complicated, especially in a scenario where you have to deal with a large number of people. This can be very challenging in terms of dates, availability of friends, and finances. How can you address this challenge? Well, we suggest you create a platform, specifically a WhatsApp group, to determine the availability of everyone. This will save you several emails.

Avoid surprises

Surprises can sometimes be very risky. For instance, some individuals might be uncomfortable with strippers. Have the hen in your mind throughout. If you make it more personalized and ensure it is tailored to her specifications and styles, it will be more relaxed. Consider her hobbies. Ask yourself whether she likes she is a fan of cocktail or she is a foodie. In general, hen parties would do better during the day for the invitees to bond prior to drinking.

Distribute the invitations early

Early preparation adds taste to the event. Know the people who are supposed to be invited and dispatch the invitations. This will allow people to plan their affairs in advance and even ask for time off work to enjoy the hen do. Some people may not honour late invitations, and this can turn out to be very discouraging to the bride.

Have various options

Make sure the event can accommodate everyone when it comes to budget. It will be absolutely ridiculous to plan even during the day when most of the invitees cannot afford it. While the event may not be restricted to London, it would unwise to jet off to Manchester for photo-shoot or drinking when your best friends cannot afford it. Having alternatives here can help. Besides, the budget is often the most critical aspect. For this reason, try being upfront with the projected costs. It pays to have some budget options and ask friends the much they would wish to spend. While a weekend party can be quite expensive compared to a one day or night event, you can have a substantial discount when in a group.

If you consider these four suggestions, you will be ready to have an unforgettable hen party. Also, it is essential to consider your location. How accessible is the venue? There could be a possibility of friends coming from various parts of the country. Go for a venue that is easily accessible to everyone. The place should not be far away from the city and should have some nightlife. So then, let us turn our attention to the activities for the day. Check out  party for lovers of techno music

Hen Do Activities

As we mentioned at the outset, London has a lot of activities and facilities that can make the experience a remarkable one. It only depends on the nature of the hen. Let us discuss that in detail.

Is the hen creative?

If the hen is creative, then Drink Shop Do is worth it. Located at King’s Cross, they offer several activities for alternative hens, including designing the personal tattoo and creating an origami bouquet. Moreover, there are provisions for hen-appropriate activities, like practising the dance for Telephone by Beyoncé. If you intend to go to a club, you can as well showcase your dance skills right away.

Is the hen bling?

If she doesn’t love bespoke jewellery. It will be fun for her to design her own. Go to Workbench Studio, where your group can create your silver rings through wax casts, and be sent off to be transformed into a silver piece.

Are dealing with health-conscious hens?

A party at the Secret Yoga Club can offer a fanciful daytime treat. You can kick-off the day with yoga at a very unique venue complemented by a piece of tranquil acoustic music.

London accommodates all types of hens. We have only considered a few examples here. The following are the places to consider for outstanding experiences.

May Fair Bar

You will love the delicious cocktails here, and you will learn how to make them too. You will carry home some best tips. However, all guests must be at least 18 years of age with tickets ranging between 60 and 90 sterling pounds.

Consider Forbidden Night

This an even hosted in one of the most remarkable and grand venues in south London. The event is graced by some of the most skilled performers across the UK.

London Grace

Pamper your hen in this cocktail and salon bar.

Disco Brunch

Get the secret location and enjoy the most immense dancing tunes, and bottomless cocktails along with two courses of banquet food.

The Bottom Line

There is much to be enjoyed in London. Consider the tips we have discussed in this blog, and you will throw the most outstanding hen party in London.

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