Time to Unwind: Seven Items To Take With You On A Countryside Vacation

October 3, 2019

After working hard at your dream job, a relaxing vacation is just what you need to recharge your batteries. Not many places are as relaxing as a vacation in the countryside. Low-key and slow-paced, you will slowly shed that hectic life and become in tune with the nature surrounding you on every side. 

But what personal items does one take on a countryside vacation? Here are the essentials you will need to pack for your time away:

Pack a Go-Bag

If you are not planning on an extended stay in the countryside anytime soon, you can still pack a go-bag for a last-minute weekend trip to the outskirts of town. Obviously, you will need the basics, such as toiletries and the other bare necessities of hygienic living. But here are seven suggestions over and above those basics to throw in your luggage:

1. A good book: Countryside vacations are relaxing and all, but let us be honest. You can only stare at the field of flowers for so long. Take a book or two that has been collecting dust on your nightstand and you will finally cross a few books off your reading list. 

2. Comfy clothes: Maybe you plan to live in jeans and t-shirts while you are romping through the countryside. But here is another suggestion — a flowing tunic paired with your favorite jeans. Click here to browse through some of the cutest tunics around. 

3. Sleeping bag or blanket for star-gazing: Sleeping under the stars is a countryside vacation must. Pack up your warmest blanket or grab a sleeping bag from a friend. Maybe brush up on your fire-starting skills. For a bonus experience, stop at the market for the fixing for s’mores. 

4. A first-aid kit: Safety first! Accidents can happen anywhere. Keep a first-aid kit stocked with bandages, bug repellent, and other essentials. If you are a novice to countryside vacations, do nor forget the snake bite remedy. It cannot hurt to be prepared for anything. 

5. A real camera: Sure, you will likely have your phone (and questionable Wi-Fi,) but the truth is that most camera phones do not come anywhere near the picture-perfection of polaroids and other traditional cameras. Polaroids let you take instant snapshots of memories that will last a lifetime. 

6. A power bank: If you are out exploring the countryside, you may go hours without being near a place to charge your phone. Portable power banks are essential for any trip, especially one that is off the beaten path. Just be sure the power bank is full before you set off on any adventures. 

7. A map to local attractions: Many vacation destinations have travel centers nearby that offer pamphlets touting the local attractions. If you do not have your vacation planned down to the last detail, grab some of these maps and use them to create a spur-of-the-moment itinerary. 

When in Doubt, Travel!

Some of the best countryside vacations are in other countries. Of course, you do not have to travel halfway across the world for a relaxing getaway. You can find countryside vacations right in your backyard, maybe even literally. 

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