How To Prepare For A Flight With A Child

October 3, 2019

Flying with a child can be challenging, or it can be loads of fun, depending on how you prepare in advance. Visit DealChecker and check out some late deals, so that you can save some money to buy your child the essentials they need during the flight. Below are some tips on how to prepare for a flight with a child:

  • Get Your Child A Passport

You need to secure a passport for your child for them to be allowed to cross borders. Obtaining a passport requires the consent of both parents, that is, both should accompany the child to apply for the passport. Otherwise, the absentee parent should fill a consent form. You need to have proof in the case of sole custody. 

Once you have the passport, familiarize your child with the forthcoming trip so that it does not catch them by surprise. Involve them in planning the adventure and ask them places they would like to visit. Show them photos and tell them everything that they should expect on the trip while being clear about the rules. Tell them when they will be required to be silent or to follow directions. 

  • Prepare Your Hand Luggage

Depending on how old your child is, you will need to keep several items close. These include some snacks, drinks, wipes, changes of clothes, coloring books, and so forth. Think about everything that you and your child will need while on the move so that you have them where you can easily access them.

  • Carry Warm Clothing For Your Child

Carry warm clothes for your child; including leggings, a jumper, and a warm blanket. The clothes should make it easy to change your child’s nappy. For girls, you can go for a dress with tights, while boys can do loose trousers. Carry a hat or cap, or better yet a hooded jacket. You may need to carry a sleeping suit or a sleeping bag to help your child fall asleep. 

  • While On The Plane

Have a plan to keep your child busy during the flight as children can quickly get bored and irritable. Carry their favorite toy, a movie or series they love, some video games, their favorite snack, or an interesting book. You can also come up with some interesting stories to narrate to them. With lots of activities planned out; your flight will seem shorter and more enjoyable. 

Ensure to keep your child hydrated, because the humidity in the plane is usually very low, which causes them to feel dehydrated. The low humidity in the plane also causes dryness on the skin, eyes, and nasal cavity. You can prevent this by giving your child a warm cup of water, getting them to inhale steam from a hot fluid, using a nasal spray, or using a mask to prevent loss of moisture when breathing. Carry a moisturizer for their skin as well. For the eyes, make sure you carry moisturizing eye drops.

Hopefully, these tips will help you enjoy your trip when flying with a child.

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