Top Five Tips For Planning An Unforgettable Hen Party

July 20, 2022

Do you love planning parties for your friends? I do! And the more special the occasion, the more rewarding it is when your plan comes together. Hen parties are a ton of fun because they offer plenty of scope for creativity. Getting the girls giggling is easy enough, but you would like the hen party you plan, whether for yourself or a friend, to be truly memorable with just the right balance between naughty and nice. Let us jump in with some handy tips to get you started!

1. Planning for a buddy’s hen do? The bride still calls the shots!

You want everyone to have fun, and naughty twists are definitely part of it all. But when organising a hen’s party, you do need to respect the bride-to-be’s feelings. You do not want to include anything she may find too cringeworthy or risqué, so be sure to run anything that might be even a teeny bit controversial by her before finalizing that part of the arrangements. Even the best of good sports can get a little antsy as her wedding day draws near, so be gentle. 

2. Consider picking a theme other than just “Bachelorette”

For a truly memorable blowout, you just need the right people, but making your party a little different to the norm adds to the excitement. Play dress-up, or pick a color, and be ready with a kit to transform any party-poopers who do not stick to the dress-code. Your options are virtually limitless, but do pick something that most people can work around without too much effort. 

3. Choose a venue to match your theme

You certainly can hold bachelorette parties at home, but in my opinion, taking the girls out and about helps to set the mood. Choose a venue where nobody’s going to mind if things get a bit raucous, and remember to make provision for transport. The ladies will be letting their hair down and you want to make sure that everyone gets home safely afterwards! If you are ready to splurge a little, you can even hire a party bus and move your party from place to place at will. Anyone for a pub-crawl?

4. Lay on some entertainment

Hiring one or more male entertainers is standard bachelorette fare, but it adds to the fun. Topless waiters are a popular choice — so much so that you should be able to find some sort of hire a hunk service in your area. If they are willing to dance, even better! Alternatives include hiring a comedian, but one idea I recently heard about rates as really unusual: a drag queen! That idea really got my imagination going. How about a cross-dressing party where the drag queen is the only “woman” present? I am waiting for an opportunity to test that one out!

5. Food and, of course, drink

Your food menu can be really simple. Nobody will be expecting a full dinner at a hen party. Of course, you could decide to go for a mediaeval-style feast just to be different, but on the whole, you will be keeping it light. Snacks and nibbles with the option of something a little more filling in case anyone’s hungry should do the trick. Your drinks menu, on the other hand, deserves some extra attention. Cocktails and alcohol-free mocktails top the list, and beautiful presentation goes with the territory. 

You are all set: prepare to dance like nobody’s watching

There are a few extras that you could throw in, but these five tips should help you to get the party started. Being the organizer means you have a few extra duties on the day, but you have certainly earned the right to party like there is no tomorrow. The party planning sets the scene — now it is time to let those good times roll!


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