Wedding Flowers And The Importance Of Color Combinations

February 14, 2022

Getting married is an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience during the planning stages. Choosing between your venue, wedding dress, and color palette does not need to be stressful with the right advice and guidance. If you are shopping for wedding flowers that hold significance, consider these options for your big day.

Different Colors For Your Wedding Flowers

There are multiple ways you can use color theory to convey a specific emotion during your wedding. While there are flower arrangements for all occasions, you may want to tell your wedding guests what you represent or you simply do not want your flowers to clash with your dress. The following colors are the most common:

  • Red: Combining a red bouquet of roses, chrysanthemum, or carnations with a white dress will incite passion, romance, and sensuality.
  • Green: Green hydrangeas, succulents, or orchids will dramatically contrast with black bridesmaid dresses. Or, combine pink bridesmaid dresses with green flowers for a more classic Victorian era look.
  • Pink: Sweet peas, peony’s and pink roses will look feminine and pretty. Combine multiple different hues of pink and red against blue dresses for a summer wedding.
  • White: Represents innocence and purity; they go excellent with all wedding dress colors. If you do not want a white-on-white theme, emphasize the green leaves of the flower.
  • Orange: Great for an autumn wedding, orange is bright and vibrant and is perfect for the bride that wants something a little different.
  • Purple: Purple does not have to be somber if you choose the right flowers. Lilacs, tulips, and freesias are light enough to stand on their own, but darker purple flowers may need to add white or yellow colors to lift them up.
  • Yellow: For the bright and sunny bride, sunflowers, poppies, and yellow gerberas will pop against light-colored dresses.

You can also combine two or more colors if the bride has a white or off-white dress, because it will not take away from her aesthetic. 

Is Your Dress White?

Brides that choose a white wedding dress will have less of an issue matching their bouquet to their attire. You can also coordinate your flowers with your bridesmaids’ dresses, so the wedding party matches. 

Is Your Dress Colored?

If you want to wear a colored dress on your wedding day, you will need a bit more forethought to the color of your bouquet. White flowers will work for all colors and so will monochromatic colors of your wedding dress. For example, if your wedding dress is red, you could include pinks or maroon flowers. You could also use a complementary color scheme consisting of colors on opposite ends of the color wheel. 

Color Theory And Why Color Is Important

The importance of color design and theory stems from the significance of color to the human mind. All colors generate ideas, spark interest, and express messages. For example, red means stop while green means go while both colors together bring up memories of Christmas. If the bride had a green dress and red flowers, they would likely get comments on how their wedding reminded them of the holiday season, which is probably not what the bride will want.

Picking the wrong shades of colors could evoke emotions as well. Navy blues and purples may give the impression that you are at a funeral, whereas light blues and lilacs will make your guests feel like spring has sprung. 

If you want to invoke positivity at your wedding, use warm colors like yellow or red to show optimism, excitement, or creativity. Even cool colors like blue and green will make your guests feel calm and harmonious, which is a great message to send on your wedding day.

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