Seven Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

May 19, 2022

In a wedding, flowers are more than just centerpieces. They adorn the entourage, add elegance to your venue, and symbolize a bride’s beauty as she carries her bouquet down the aisle. They set the mood of your big day and add to the lasting memories.

Before you embark on the task of choosing your wedding flowers, below are some tips that are worth taking note of:

  1. Do Your Research Beforehand

As you prepare for your big day, you may be frequenting online blogs for bridal looks inspo. One thing you cannot miss is the presence of flowers everywhere — from the venue to the bridal gown itself. They have always been a wedding staple, as they symbolize the love, beauty, and purity of marriage.

Before you meet with your florist and choose the flowers you will use in your wedding, do your part by researching ahead. Check out the different types of flowers, their meanings, fragrances, and arrangements. This way, it will be easier to discuss your choices with your florist in detail. 

  1. Create A Budget

For proper and effective planning, every single item in your wedding should be budgeted for, and that includes flowers. You may be surprised that they eat up a big chunk of your wedding budget. Whether you go for pricey varieties or the more affordable, beautiful dahlias, creating a budget will help you decide on the kind and number of flowers you’ll use for your wedding.

A bigger flower budget can accommodate a variety and more elaborate flower designs, but a cost-effective one may warrant careful choices. No matter what you go for, either way, stick to your budget. 

  1. Hire A Florist

You may feel confident enough to handle your flower issues after acquiring some knowledge when doing your research. But acquired knowledge may only go as far as knowing flower names, colors, and shades. There are finer details that a professional florist sees and handles. 

Experienced florists know what goes with what and where. They know how to mix colors to blend with your wedding environment and what flowers will fit your wedding theme. They also know exactly where to source the best flowers. Hire a florist as soon as you begin your wedding plans.

Do not forget to mention any flowers that may have sentimental value for you, as these can be incorporated into your wedding as well.

  1. Colors

Your wedding flowers should complement or match your color scheme. Using a color palette will have more character than using a single color. For instance, instead of just going with one shade of blue, mix different shades and add a few other colors that either compliment or contrast the color to make the flowers interesting. Play with different colors depending on your color theme to see what works best for you.

  1. Use Flowers In Season

You may be fixated on using certain types of flowers for your wedding because they hold sentimental meaning, or they are your favorite, or you feel that they blend in perfectly with your wedding theme. But you forget that flowers are seasonal and that your choice may not be available during the season you plan on walking down the aisle. If flowers are important to you, you can set your wedding date to coincide with the season when your preferred flowers will be in season, or you can settle for alternative lookalikes that are available in that season. The good thing, however, about using wedding flowers in season is that they’ll be less costly and be easily available.

  1.  Do Not Just Describe, Show

Your big day can be ruined when you have a moment of ‘what you ordered versus what you got.’ This is because there may have been a misunderstanding regarding what your florist thought you meant and what you really meant. Some flowers look alike. To avoid such a situation, go and point out to your florist exactly what you want rather than just describing it. Many florists send updates to their clients leading up to the wedding day. Ask if your florist can provide that service as well.

  1. Choose Flowers That Match Your Theme

It is important to use flowers that match your wedding theme. For instance, you can use white orchids for a glamorous wedding, daisies for a beach wedding, and peonies for a fairytale wedding. Sophisticated flowers suit city weddings, but their wild counterparts are preferred for country weddings.


Flowers have the power to transform your wedding venue and bring life to your big day. They are an important choice you should pay attention to as you plan your wedding. Make your special day colorful by using the above tips to choose your wedding flowers.

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