How To Get An Appropriate Bouquet For Your Springtime Wedding

January 25, 2019

What better time to wed your special one than in spring, when the most beautiful flowers are in full bloom? And when the scent in the air is oh so heavenly? With all the flowers available, finding your ideal bouquet may not be a walk in the park. Here are some tips to guide you down the right path:

1. Choose Flowers With A Softer Color

Flowers with a delicate hue are perfect for the gentle spring atmosphere. They will combine well with a pale pink colored-dress or decorations of various soft colors. Plus, it is so difficult to overlook the romantic ambience that they create. They are beautiful and have a sweet scent.

2. Buy From A Florist

A simpler and quicker solution is to buy some from a florist. You are likely to come across the best flowers available in spring, as well as get an expert opinion from the buyer. Price should be the least of your worries. With all the flowers available, they would be nuts to sell some to you at unreasonable prices.

3. Include A Variety Of Flowers

You may be a rose-kind of bride, but variety adds beauty to your bouquet. It also brings more color and increases the volume of your collection. You could have the variety within a single bouquet or plan them out in your arrangement. Identify the flowers in season and see how much fun you can have with them.

4. Experiment With Some Wild Flowers

Do not go to the forest to get them. Just look around for flowers, such as Scabiosa and Sweet Pea, that have a sweet fragrance. They also light up any wedding with their beautiful appearance. You have the advantage of having a colorful wedding. Such magical flowers are rare in other seasons.

5. Consider Your Choice Of Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress should match with your bouquet. Most brides do not pay any attention to this detail and the result is oftentimes disastrous. Some manage to pull it off, but not with the same magic that a matching pair would deliver. An A-line wedding gown, for example, matches with a bouquet of flowers with a deep, passionate color.

Hand-tied and cascade bouquets complement mermaid wedding dresses well. There are many types of nice but cheap wedding dresses available. Identify your type and the right bouquet that goes with it.

6. Do Some Research On Flowers Before Your Big Day

Most brides cannot tell the difference between a lily and tulip. If you are one of them, it is best to get your act together before your wedding day. You could go online and expose yourself to the variety of springtime flowers. You could also consult your florist. They will provide you with samples of each flower in season. This will make coming up with your ideal bouquet a breeze.

Once you have finally chosen the bouquet of your dreams, you need to also think about whether or not you want to preserve it forever. Companies offering Wedding Bouquet Preservation are the perfect places to begin your search for preservation design ideas. 

7. Match The Size Of Your Wedding Dress With That Of Your Bouquet

Wedding dresses are more important than you can imagine. Before choosing a bouquet, buy a dress first. It will guide you on the type of bouquet you should settle for. If it is large, the volume of your bouquet should be large as well. Going for a small bouquet when your dress is large makes the bouquet seem insignificant. The effect is the same for the dress if it is small and the bouquet is large.

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