Why Korean Skin Care Products Are Popular

January 25, 2019

Historically, Japan and France were considered the leaders of the beauty industry, but they have since been replaced by South Korea, which does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. Back in the 1980’s, certain French beauty companies decided to outsource their production to Korea, where employees began to utilize their labs to create their own products. Many of which contain higher-quality and are generally more affordable compared to its western counterpart, which eventually lead to the rising trends of K-beauty products like Belif.

Since its introduction into the mainstream, the country was able to introduce several trends that are still making an impact today. Some of which include BB creams, CC cushions, sheet masks, and essences that are sealed and packaged in colorful bottles and jars. Aside from these features, here are other reasons why Korean beauty products maintain their current popularity:

They include natural ingredients

Certain products ready for purchase include natural ingredients that offer effective skin-boosting properties. Some of which also include fermented ingredients that defy aging, natural moisturizers that prevent skin from drying out, and concentrated active ingredients that require only minimal application for them to work.

Many of these ingredients are usually sourced from fruits, herbs, and flowers, although unique items like snail mucin, volcanic clay, and egg whites are also included. This makes them a perfect solution for people who have sensitive skin types and those who are looking for parabens and preservative-free products.

They emphasize preventive care

One defining aspect that differentiates Korean skin care from the west is its emphasis on prevention. In Korean culture, it is not uncommon for mothers to teach their children how to properly wash and care for their face at an early age. As a culture that sees skin care as an investment instead of a luxury, many of the products available offer effective care to avoid incurring future skin problems.

Some of these include anti-ageing products, SPF protection, and vitamin-boosting solutions that keep your skin looking young and fresh even as you age.

Is heavily invested by several companies

Several companies have invested in making sure that several of the products they manufacture and market are made with the best ingredients. In fact, many of the people involved in the research and development team are constantly looking for new ways to create better and more effective products.

As a country that makes sure to only use the very best, it is no wonder that South Korea is considered light years ahead of its competition. This makes the country a viable spot if you are looking for new trends for the following years to come.

Korean products are more affordable

Many K-beauty products are generally more affordable compared to western brands without necessarily sacrificing on quality. Considering that Korean women spend more on skin care products compared to women from other countries, it is no surprise that some sheet masks can cost at least 1 USD for the average American woman.

This is to help certain Korean companies stay on top of the competition both locally and globally. Additionally, it is also not uncommon for certain brands to deliver a product set at a low price for a limited period or offer K-spas at different locations around the globe.

Korean skincare encourages self-love

During shopping, many people may notice that some of these K-beauty products are packaged and stored in colorful jars and bottles with cute mascots labeled on the front. As a genius marketing tactic that not only makes a company distinguishable from its competitors, these colorful and creative packages also encourage people from all ages to start caring for their skin as soon as today by marketing skin care as a self-care treatment rather than a nagging chore. 

As an added bonus, the Korean skincare trend has been going on for years now which means there it will be here to stay.

Final Thoughts

With constant innovation and development of natural and organic products, it is no surprise that Korean skin care products are a popular choice for people with different skin types. Considering that many of these products can be customized to fit your skin type, there is no limit to how you can create your very own routine. 

Additionally, you do not have to necessarily spend a fortune just to see which works best for you. With 2019 just kicking off to a start, many people are excited to see what the country will offer this time, which no doubt will just be impressive. Whether you are from Asia or another part of the world, there is a Korean skin care product for you.

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