The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Wedding Photo Booth

May 31, 2022

In the past decade, photo booths have become a major part of social events, especially as social media growth continues to accelerate. In addition to providing your guests with a central role throughout the night, amazing pictures and videos, awesome party favors, and lasting memories, they are fantastic party activities.

The desire to post a lavish group photo or an extravagant selfie continues to grow. In addition to the ability to post photos immediately, wedding photo booths allow guests to post animated Boomerangs, fun-filled GIFs, and trending slow-motion videos to social media. Look for a photo booth hire near me for your next event.

Photographers are limited to only capturing the couple and the wedding party at a wedding, but photo booths allow everyone at the wedding to feel like a celebrity for the night and show off their fun side.

Currently, wedding photo booths are very popular, and we are going to tell you six things to know about them, what features guests love most about them, and how to choose one!

1. Everyone loves (and expects) wedding guests

The photo booth has become almost a must-have item for weddings these days.

Getting guests warm up and mingling again after a big dinner is easy with photo booths. You can take a sentimental picture with your grandkids before your college friends are ready to hit the dance floor.

2. You can match your booth design to your wedding theme

Photo booths should not be an exception to this, since couples spend thousands of dollars on every aspect of their wedding. Nowadays, you can choose from a number of designs to suit your needs.

Choosing a backdrop and colors that match your wedding theme and using a minimalist camera stand design is the perfect way to add a little whimsy to your “open-air” photo booth.

You can also customize props for your theme and crowd in addition to backdrops. It is impossible to keep guests from coming back for more when your photo booth creates the perfect balance of classy and crazy! It is possible to tailor the design to fit into your event seamlessly, whether you want a black and white photo booth like a fun tropical theme for your beach wedding.

3. Making memorable party favors for guests and you

There is nothing better than capturing the memory of reuniting with your best friends and taking a photo while they are looking their best.

You can also have guests leave with photos in addition to your guests. The majority of photo booth companies offer guest scrapbooks as an excellent alternative to traditional wedding guestbooks, where your guests can stick photos next to their comments, giving you a lasting souvenir of the celebration.

4. Photo booths Have Progressed

As opposed to the box-shaped booths that you would see only at shopping malls in the ’90s, today’s booths are not even booths at all. 

There are all kinds of photo booth San Francisco available today, from the simplest iPad on a stand to elaborate photo booths on wheels, such as the Volkswagen bus photo booths of the 1970s.

In the age of social media, photo booths have evolved to become more digital as well. You can even record 180-degree slow-motion videos for Instagram, record trendy Boomerangs for TikTok, or send friends fun GIFs.

5. Learn how to choose a photo booth

  • Photo booths that are traditionally closed

Since it is an actual photo booth, it is what you might think of when you picture one. With these photo booths, guests can step inside, sit down and enjoy some privacy as they take pictures.

  • Photo booth in the open air

There are many styles of modern wedding setups, and this one is one of the most popular. Camera stands sit four to eight feet above the backdrop rather than being enclosed. You can get an open-air booth that ranges in style from an iPad setup on a stand to one that features external flash lighting for a higher quality photo.

You can choose a background that matches the style of your event, such as a classic white backdrop for black and white pictures or a lavish hedge greenery wall backdrop.

In addition to causing a strong case of FOMO as people see their friends laughing, posing, and smiling in front of a backdrop at a distance, this style also creates an opportunity for other people to join in on the fun.

  • Bus photo booth

These are typically restored 1970’s Volkswagen buses, so they are a unique and fun photo booth experience. Participants access the touchscreen by entering a middle door, taking a seat, and using a touchscreen to take pictures. It is a closed photo booth with more style. People will definitely talk about it!

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