NYC Photo Booths: Knowing Your Options To Make Your Next Event Stand Out

August 26, 2021

NYC photo booths are more than just a machine that captures photographs. They can also be a great tool to increase brand awareness and engagement.

If you are planning an event for your business, you need to make sure that your guests will have a good time. At the same time, you also need to capture these fun moments. And, what better way to achieve this than by taking photographs that your guests can bring home as keepsakes to remember your event!

Types of Photo Booths

Before you look for a photo booth, you should first know the types available today. This way, you will know which one fits your business.

  • Passport Photo Booth

When you search “passport photo near me” online, this is most likely the one you will see on the organic search results pages. As the name suggests, these are automated machines designed to take and print photographs in a specific format that meets passport requirements.

  • Photo Sticker Booth

This is a special type of booth that you can see in arcades, amusement parks, and other entertainment centers, where you can just quickly get inside and take sticker photos of yourself. However, you can also see this type of booth in transportation hubs, as a means for passengers to obtain photographs for their transit passes.

  • Event Photo Booth

Unlike the traditional photo booths, this is actually a customized set-up for events, where guests can engage with each other in taking photographs. Typically, it is installed as an open-air set-up with a backdrop and a set of props tailored to the event’s theme.

As technology continues to advance, so do the features of this type of photo booth. Now, you can find modern booths that create GIFs, 360-degree shots, and green screens. Photographs can even be downloaded straight from a private page and shared instantly on social media.   

How Photo Booths Help Make Your Events Better

There are many ways NYC photo booths will rock your next event. They help your business by:

1. Engaging your guests with the message you want to convey.

Not only would your guests want to enjoy your event, but they would also expect to take something away from it. Of course, they would not like to feel that attending your event was just a waste of their time.

A photo booth is a perfect way to prevent this from happening. With it, they can take with them a keepsake to commemorate the fun they had at your event. You can customize the photo printouts to contain a message associated with your event.

2. Allowing your guests to partake in the activities therein.

Having a photo booth Brooklyn events use ensures that everyone can partake in an activity during your event. For some people who prefer to just sit and observe the primary activities you have, at least they will have an avenue to socialize with others and have fun. Your guests would appreciate you for giving them the opportunity to broaden their network as well.

3. Providing photographs that you can use for your marketing efforts.

Aside from providing your guests photographs that they can keep, you will also get some for your own to use in disseminating information about the success of your event. Maybe, it is for those who were not able to attend.

Plus, you can use the images internally for future promotional campaigns.

Photo Booth Ideas To Try


There are a plethora of photo booth ideas out there, but there are those which will make your event truly stand out. Here are some cool concepts that you can discuss with your photo booth provider:

  • 3D GIF photo booth – This type of booth captures a series of images to create animated GIFs. Your guests can then share such branded GIFs through their mobile devices straight to their social media accounts.
  • 360-degree photo booth – Using modern photographic equipment, this booth will capture magical moments from a variety of angles, resulting in images or short videos that single cameras will not be able to produce. It also uses a sharing station that allows your guests to download their images and videos, and share them on the social media of their choice.
  • Thermobooth – This will take your guests’ photo booth experience to the next level by combining human interaction with technology. It uses a new shutter release system that detects skin contact between two or more individuals as a trigger for the camera to shoot and produce low-fidelity thermal-printed pictures.
  • Animation photo booth – This is a more interactive solution where a sketch artist is involved in the image processing. The artist will make branded narrative cartoons, minimalist portraits, and caricatures in a flash, which are also printable and shareable on-site.
  • Classic photo booth – Of course, the classic photo booth will never go out of fashion, especially for formal occasions. However, you can make things more enjoyable through the props and backdrops that you use.      

Explore these photo booths for your NYC event, and you will be good on your way to a successful affair that attendees will talk about afterward.

Where To Place A Photo Booth In Your Event

While having a photo booth brings a lot of benefits to your event, it is still important to remember that all could go to waste if you set it up in the wrong place. Ideally, photo booth locations NYC providers suggest are decided strategically. While it might be good to place it in a crowded and unavoidable area, it would not be wise to place it at the entrance, as it might just be a nuisance to the arriving guests.

So, place your booth in an obvious location that guests can easily see. This will attract more people to it, resulting in higher engagement levels and exposure for your event.

If you are struggling with how a booth will work in your venue’s space, speak with the provider because no one knows better about photo booth placement than them.


NYC photo booths are not just a great idea for weddings and other social gatherings. They also make your business events more cheerful and memorable. Place one at your event, and you will be having a lively and warm atmosphere where guests can connect with each other and have fun. Your event will surely be something that everyone will be positively talking about for the rest of the week.

Looking for more valuable tips and information that you can use in growing your business? Check out the other articles on our website!

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