How To Diagnose Symptoms Of A UTI In Toddlers And How To Fix The Problem

January 25, 2019

Most parents think that it is not possible for their toddlers to develop UTIs. Nothing could be further from the truth. From fecal matter getting into the urethra, to stale urine in diapers finding its way back to the urethra, there are many causes for UTIs. Thus, it is always advisable for a parent to be on the lookout to see any changes in the toddler when he/she is urinating. 

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Symptoms of UTI in toddlers and how to fix the problem

If your baby is urinating frequently, that could be an indication of a UTI. However, it also could be an effect of the baby having taken too much water or other drink. Rule out other things before you decide it is a UTI or check out for other symptoms. If the toddler is passing out just a small amount of urine, then it could very well be a UTI. 

When there is a burning sensation when urinating, the baby has a UTI. It should be easy to know this because the baby will experience pain and cry. At the same time, he or she may touch the private parts. He will keep touching them even when done with the urination. 

Usually, toddler urine does not have a bad smell to it. However, when the baby is contending with a UTI, the urine develops a foul smell. It will also change its color to a cloudy or bloody hue. Customarily, toddlers have clear urine unless they have been exposed to dehydration. 

Watch out for bedwetting tendencies where there was none. It is ok for toddlers to wet the bed. However, when this tendency becomes too frequent, then you know it is time to check on things down there. 

If the baby is experiencing tummy pain below the belly button, well, you could have a UTI on your hands. If you press the area below the belly button, the baby will cry out in pain. That is area where the bladder is located and urinary tract infections usually spread to the bladder. 

Watch out for feverish changes in the body. If your toddler starts to run a high temperature and it is not the pollen season yet, it means that the body’s immune system is working overtime, trying to fight a UTI. At the same time, nausea and vomiting are indications of a UTI among other things. Thus, a medical diagnosis is necessary to establish the exact cause of the fever. 

How to fix UTI in toddlers

If detected early, a UTI in toddlers, just as in adults, is not too serious and can be treated at home. However, it is paramount that you establish without a doubt that your kid has UTI. Most importantly, you need to know how to prevent UTIs naturally

Feed your toddler a lot of water

Give your toddler a lot of water to drink. Usually, the water should be warm. The best thing to do to encourage him or her to drink is to drink with her. Thus, when urinating time comes, the water will help in flushing out the bacteria that caused the UTI. The more frequent the urination the better. 

Fruit juices prevent the proliferation of bacteria

Cranberry and pineapple are great juices to give your toddler, as long as she is older than six months. These juices have healing qualities that prevent the spread of UTI causing bacteria. Thus, even if the kid is not able to take a lot of water, he/she can take these natural juices. And there is UTI prevention drink, which too can help. 

Lemon is good

In particular, you can give your kid lemon juice. The reason for this is that lemon raises the pH of the urinary tract. More acidity in the UT means that bacteria scatter. 

Change diapers often

This means no fecal matter will get into the UT. It prevents the spread of bacteria causing UTI. Other things that you can do include feeding your kid on yoghurt and other probiotics, washing them in warm water, feeding the baby with apple cider vinegar, amongst others. 

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