Different Ways To Help Your Child Learn More At Home

December 5, 2023

While children do learn at school it is also important that it is not the only place they learn. The school focuses on a set curriculum, but they must learn about other aspects of life. Extracurriculars, clubs, and home learning will be very beneficial to your children. Children learn in a whole different range of ways, from playing, structured learning and even just daily tasks with you. For example, when you are cooking, you will be doing measurements of ingredients, which can help them with a mathematical element and also helps them in the more economic area of learning to cook meals to feed themselves and the family.

Learning Toys

A lot of toys these days can have learning elements. Educational toys are very popular and a lot more easily accessible these days. You can get electronic readers to help your child learn, read and learn different words, you can get alphabet plush toys which you can help them learn to create words from the plushies. You can also get a whole host of different learning games on things like iPads and tablets. Learning through play is one of the best things to do for children as they take more information in without realizing it and as they learn through play it is a lot more enjoyable for them and they can do it a lot longer. Sometimes if you sit down with them to do a task it’s not very enjoyable. They will only be able to focus on it for 10 minutes or so before getting bored and wanting to do something else.

Forest School

Forest school is something which has been around for a long time, but it started to become a lot more popular. It is similar to the Montessori method of learning through play and helping kids be more independent and learn to do things by themselves. Forest school helps teach children things like keeping animals which could be chickens or goats and that animals give us food that helps sustain us. It could also be about learning to grow your own food, the life cycle of plants and why it is important to us and the planet. There are lots of forest schools which do weekends and weekday classes so even if you homeschool they could still go along. It also helps them get out of the house and do things in an outdoor setting like mushroom picking

Listen To Their Interests

A great way to help children learn to listen to their interests and what they like to do. If you find something that they are passionate about, you can incorporate that into a teachable moment or can help them expand on that and learn more. If they really like things like computers and games, you may want to see if they can do an online coding course if they are interested in looking after different animals, you could get them a pet or see if they can visit a local farm or equestrian centre to learn how to look after animals and see things firsthand.

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