Four Smart Ways To Soothe A Child’s Cold

March 3, 2020

Being a parent can be tough, especially when your child is not feeling well. If you have noticed your child coming down with one of those sniffly, sneezy, and all-around uncomfortable colds, then you need to know how to help them through their sickness.

Although, there is not a cure for the common cold, there are plenty of soothing, natural solutions to help your child feel more comfortable while helping the body fight back, relieving their symptoms and getting them back to normal.

They Should Drink Plenty Of Liquids

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One of the greatest challenges of managing a child’s cold is dealing with the congestion, which can cause the nose to be plugged and the throat to become sore.

To help thin the mucus, simply make sure your child is consuming plenty of liquids, such as warm water, tea, or chicken soup. You can add an ice pop or a spoonful of honey (for children over 1) to mix it up a bit.

Let Them Get Extra Rest

Children love to run, laugh, and play, so it can be hard for them to settle down when they are sick. While they might get bursts of energy at different times during their sickness, it is best to make sure they have adequate time and space to settle down, take extra naps, and stay cozy under a nice, warm blanket.

Pay attention to the way they are acting to know when to let them release a little energy and when they need a little extra time for quiet recovery.

Ease Congestion And Sore Throats

While hydration and rest are essential to recovery, sometimes your child might need a little extra something to help them through the worst symptoms.

You can help bad coughs and sore throats by having older children gargle 8 ounces of water mixed with a half teaspoon of salt, giving the younger ones a natural saline solution, or put a dab of age-appropriate vapor rub on their chest.

Check Your Humidity Levels

You might be surprised by how humidity in your home can affect maintaining a healthy atmosphere for a family. Staying comfortable can be troublesome, as a high level of humidity can make you feel too warm and a low humidity too cool. You will want to find a balance somewhere in between to help your child’s body stay comfortable while healing from a cold.

To control your humidity levels, you can install a humidifier in your home, making certain to check for proper ventilation to keep air flowing at a constant rate. It is even possible to have a professional attach a whole-home dehumidifier to your HVAC system for continuity from one room to the next. While doing this, have them check for any damage that needs repair and pipes or air filters in need of cleaning as doing these things yourself is dangerous.

A child’s well-being is a top priority for a parent, so it can be difficult to see them with a sickness of any kind. These remedies can help make your child feel better and get them on the road to recovery.

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