Motherhood: How To Enjoy Being Involved In Your Children’s Lives

September 21, 2016

Being a mother is a fulfilling experience that can also be quite challenging. Regardless of what your children’s ages are, motherhood is an ongoing job. In order for you to be able to enjoy this role, your children need to feel loved and appreciated, as you teach them about the different aspects of life. It is important to provide your children with an environment where they can develop into independent, confident, and responsible individuals.

Healthy Lifestyle

If your goal is to enjoy being actively involved in your kids’ lives, take good care of yourself, spend time with them, and cherish every moment that you have with them. Taking proper care of your children requires you to ensure that you are also taken care of.

Maintain a lifestyle that your children can aspire to by being healthy and active. This will give you the energy you need to perform your daily tasks. Teach your children the importance of good health by showcasing your healthy lifestyle. Take an occasional break from your regular routine, eat well, squeeze in a daily nap, and get enough rest.

Love And Care

Affection is an important aspect of the relationship that you have with your kids. Even a simple gesture like hugging your child goes a long way towards reminding them that they are loved. Physical touch creates a connection that shows you really care.

Encourage your children with smiles and positive words that will boost their confidence. Let your children know that you love them regardless of how angry or stressed you may be. Your children do not have to earn your love; it is unconditional. Indulge them in plenty of hugs and cuddles that will make them appreciate your affection from an early age. Wifi baby monitor available here.

Positive Feedback

Be a good mother by showing your children your approval and praising them for their accomplishments. Without words of encouragement or approval from you, their confidence may diminish. When they achieve something or do the right thing, acknowledge their actions.

Positive feedback from you should ideally be more than negative feedback. It is just as important to correct your children when they are wrong as it is to praise them when you are happy with their behavior.


Avoid making comparisons between your kids and their siblings or other children. Children are individuals with unique traits and personalities. If you do not appreciate these differences and unique attributes, you risk lowering your child’s self esteem.

Motivate your children to set their own goals instead of forcing them to behave like other people. If you have more than one child, avoid taking sides or making one child feel more valued than the other one.


Take time to communicate with your children effectively and listen to what they have to say. Aside from enforcing rules, you should be available to talk about your children’s accomplishments and challenges. Your child should always feel comfortable enough to talk to you or express their feelings.


Make enough time for all your kids without excessively pampering them. The time that you spend together is special. Spend time with each child, have conversations, and go out to places that match their individual interests.

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  1. Laura

    It is so important for parents to be part of there children’s lives. All these Tips are all useful. Communication , appreciation and time are definately irreplaceable.

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