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Five Signals Your Child Requires A Visit To A Child Orthodontist

Child Dentist
January 4, 2022
Children suffer from various dental problems like thumb sucking, tooth decay, lip sucking, tongue thrusting, crooked teeth, or early tooth loss. While some of these dental problems can be treated by your dentist, you need to take your child to an orthodontist for some dental issues. Here are five signals...

Seven Reasons Why Early Childhood Development Is So Important

early childhood development
December 15, 2021
It seems obvious that the importance of early childhood development should be on every new parent’s mind. It is a time when a child develops crucial emotional and social skills that form the foundation of their personality. Finding the perfect reception class where your child can build these skills is...

Six Easy Ways To Encourage Children To Be More Active

Active Kids
September 27, 2021
You might be surprised to learn that just approximately one in every four children gets the necessary 60 minutes of physical activity per day. In general, as a child's age and school grade increase, so does their participation in all sorts of physical activity. Physical activity should be a regular...

The Benefits And Importance Of Outdoor Play In Early Childhood

July 15, 2021
Nowadays, kids spend most of their time using phones, laptops, television, and tables. Recent studies have shown that kids spend on average seven hours per day with their beloved electronic devices. From the statistics, indeed, today’s kids are rarely involved in outdoor activities which will cause serious consequences on their...

Should Children Be Allowed To Wear Makeup At School?

March 31, 2021
The debate over whether children should wear makeup at school or not is rife. So, what are the key debate points? Take a look… Wearing makeup to school is a much-contended subject. For many young girls and boys, wearing makeup is a key part of being a teenager discovering themselves. However,...