Seven Reasons Why Early Childhood Development Is So Important

December 15, 2021

It seems obvious that the importance of early childhood development should be on every new parent’s mind. It is a time when a child develops crucial emotional and social skills that form the foundation of their personality. Finding the perfect reception class where your child can build these skills is a crucial part of this process where parents will be able to track their child’s early development. We have put together a couple of reasons why early development can mean the world to your children.     

1. Early brain development 

The first six years of a child’s life is when their brain is developing the most. By providing your child with positive and nurturing experiences, they establish the wirings of brain connections. The neurons in their broom are developing more rapidly than they will at any other point in their lifetime.

Put simply, this means early development your child gets a head start on all the important life skills that they will take with them throughout education and everyday life. From those important social connections with other children to the guidance they receive from teachers; this all helps lay the foundations for how your child learns both academically and socially.   

2. Increase their attention span

It is easy for a child to be overstimulated at an early age. When your brain is developing at such a fast rate that everything grabs your attention and takes your focus away from things that may be important in your early development. In an early years school environment, you learn to pay attention in the classroom setting where you learn fundamental skills like reading, writing and counting. This setting also lets them focus on more fun and creative activities like sports and painting. An early years school environment is the best way for your children to learn to control their focus on developing essential skills.

3. Develop sensory and motor skills

Outside of basic essential skills like reading and writing, childhood development also helps to develop crucial sensory and motor skills. The sensory skills of sight, sound, taste and smell are all developed during outdoor play where children get to roleplay make-believe games which helps them understand the world around them.

Outdoor activities like sports where they’ll be running, catching and throwing will help them perform average everyday functions. This extends to having the motor skills to get dressed and ready in the morning for school. It seems obvious that these are skills easily picked up by children, but early childhood development can make the process faster and easier for any child.

4. Easily identify learning difficulties

Everyone experiences difficulty learning in certain areas as we naturally gravitate more to the skills we feel more at home with. With early childhood development, you can see where your child is having difficulty and provide greater help in those areas.

In a positive environment like a reception class, your child will be supervised by professional teachers who can identify any problems with your child and work towards resolving them. Solving any learning difficulties during early development can make your child more confident to take on new challenges in the future.

5. Helps build social relationships

The feeling of shyness is something we have all been through, especially on those first days of school growing up. Building key communication skills is an essential reason why the early years matter. Socialising with other children, as well as their teachers, gives your child the chance to develop empathy and emotional skills. These are skills that can’t be taught in any classroom setting and are learnt by playing with others and discovering their social self.   

6. Broaden their available pathways

Early childhood development opens so many doors for your child to explore. They will be introduced to a whole new range of activities to turn into a hobby or maybe even eventually a career. From painting, music, sports to something more academic like maths and science. There is so much to experience that your child will naturally gravitate towards the subjects and activities they enjoy the most. This part of early development can help your child find what they truly love to do sooner rather than later.

Help build a positive adult life

Research has been conducted to show that your childhood can affect your success as an adult. It is so important for your child to experience their early development in a positive and nurturing environment. As long as they are surrounded by positivity, happiness and support when times can get a bit tough they will be more than prepared for their adult life. Good experiences in childhood development are crucial to developing good relationships and experiences in the future so make sure your child receives great support from an early age.

Should you nurture your child’s early development?

The above reasons show why a positive and nurturing early childhood development can really help a child as they grow up and develop essential skills. Not only that, but it contributes to how they will experience adult life, so make sure they get all the support they need at an early age!

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