How To Get Your Kids Thinking More

March 24, 2022

Getting kids to concentrate and remain engaged in mind-stimulating activities is not the easy thing to do when you are a parent. Children get easily distracted and they would probably prefer to sit in front of a tablet watching their favorite programs.

However, encouraging your child to activate their mind and think critically is important to their development. Critical thinking is an essential skill that your child is going to need as they grow into adults.

What is also important is helping your child to develop the skills to think for themselves. They will need to make their own decisions in life, regardless of other people’s opinions. Why not build up these skills while they are still young?

As great as it is to get your kids thinking more, it’s difficult to know how to do this. To help you out, we have compiled a list of top tips.

Find puzzles for them to solve

Puzzles, crosswords, and riddles are not only for older people. They are perfect for kids too.

Classic jigsaw puzzles can improve your kid’s cognitive abilities while also promoting the development of fine motor skills.

Physical puzzle workbooks can also be used to increase your kid’s thinking abilities. They can solve a different quiz and crossword each day until the whole workbook is complete.

Digital puzzles are another great option. There are so many different resources online that you can either print out or use digitally on a desktop computer or tablet.

Switch things up each day to keep it interesting. One day, get your child to complete a jigsaw. The next day, print out 200 riddles for kids.

Be a great role model

Children learn through observation. The best way to teach your child to expand their mind is to do it yourself! Setting an example for your child might involve taking your own learning more seriously.

Improve your critical thinking skills with workbooks and puzzles. Show enthusiasm for learning and problem-solving, and you child will follow suit.

You could also get involved in their learning by helping them with their own puzzles and riddles. Ask them open-ended questions so they expand on their answer.

Challenge them to think more critically about their answers and allow them to reflect upon them. They might decide to change their answers when they think more deeply about the questions. This is a great way to encourage your children to think past their initial gut instinct (even if their gut instinct is right).

Turn learning into play

Children are more likely to remain occupied in a task when it feels more like play. If you want your child to stay interested in educational activities, make them as fun as possible.

Consider getting sensory toys and audio workbooks that will capture your child’s attention while also promoting healthy childhood development. Different audio books will stimulate your kid’s imagination and thinking skills at the same time.

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