Five Ways To Tempt Your Child Away From Technology

March 25, 2022

Every parent will be familiar with the feeling of trying to tempt their child away from the television, their mobile phone, or games console. There is something hypnotic and addictive about their devices, and you want to make sure your children are finding stimulation in other ways. There is nothing bad with using technology from time to time, but it’s always good to have some other activities up your sleeve just in case you think their screen time has been surpassed! Whether you are trying to get your kids thinking more or you want them to run around in the great outdoors, here are five ways to tempt your child away from technology and bring them back into the normal world again:

  1. Board Games and Escape Rooms

Although your child may be stimulating their minds on their game’s consoles it is not quite the same as a class board game or even an action-packed escape room! It is true that escape rooms are mentally stimulated and they can encourage your children to think outside the box. Look into your local options and you will soon be ready to explore your escape room with your children.

  1. Outdoor Sports

Playing team sports or enjoying a kickaround in the park is the ideal way to lure your children away from their screens and out into the big wide world. Although it can be difficult to make it sound appealing, it is actually a lot of fun once they get started so try your best to tempt them outdoors as much as possible.

  1. Camping and Hiking

Going on a family hike is a brilliant way to bond and enjoy time together as a unit. Whether you are camping at a local site or heading out on a local hiking trail, there is so much fun to be had out in the big wide world.

  1. Road Trips

Jumping in the car and heading to a new town to see brand new sights and experience a different atmosphere is the ideal way to bring some freshness to a family day out. You do not need to go too far; you simply need to find somewhere with a couple of nice spots for you to visit so that you are not in the same places you normally go.

  1. Animal Encounters

Being around animals can also have positive impacts on mental health for your children, so why not visit your local petting zoo or farm to get up close and personal with some furry friends? Your children will love the experience of seeing beautiful animals and you will be able to make some fantastic memories in a new place together. 

With all of these ideas at your fingertips, your child will soon have a variety of different ways to keep them busy, rather than being preoccupied with their electronic device. Hopefully, you can find a happy medium and allow them to enjoy their screen time whilst exposing them to new and exciting activities outside of their own home.

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