How To Stop Kids Getting Bored During Self-Isolation

April 17, 2020

Many families are facing big changes with kids being at home during COVID-19. Keeping kids entertained all day everyday is a massive task and full time parenting can be exhausting. Kids have so much energy and you will need to find ways to make time fly for them. If kids stay with you in close quarters and do not have things to do, it can leave them feeling restless and agitated. This, in addition to the dangers on the news, can make it a time of great anxiety for children.

However, staying at home with your kids is actually a gift. Here you have the perfect opportunity to learn, discover, and play together to create great memories. Below are some ideas for how to keep your kids busy during Coronavirus to ensure that their memories of this time are happy ones:

Mix Things Up

Having a routine is great for ensuring you never have periods of time where you do not know what to do. However, if you have your schedule too structured this can lead to boredom, for parents as well as kids! Look at getting some new toys or games that your kids have not played before. There are so many fun things you could play and new games are being brought out all the time. As well as keeping things fun and interesting they can also be amazing family bonding experiences.

Get Outdoors

Just because there are social restrictions, this does not mean you have to stop going out completely. Keeping active is crucial for a healthy life and just being in the sun has a range of health benefits including increased serotonin.

Of course, you need to make sure your kids keep a safe distance from other people, but look at going on family jogs around a local field or going on a family walk to a secluded area. Even if you are just playing games or doing home workout on the back lawn, the fresh air and exercise will make you all feel loads better. Just make sure you check your local guidelines to ensure you are not putting anyone at risk of spreading the disease.

Learn A New Skill

These weeks where you are restricted from social events can be a great opportunity for your kids to learn a new skill or hobby. If your child is interested in music you could look at getting them a new guitar to practice on and some online Skype lessons from a local music teacher. Many kids are typically too busy out with friends to learn an instrument and later in life wish they had have done it, so now could be the perfect time.

Get The Most Out Of Technology

When you are at home the last thing you want is to just have your kids sitting in front of a screen all day on the computer. However, you do not need to impose restrictions on your devices, you just need to learn how to get the most from them.

Quizzes on platforms like Zoom are becoming increasingly popular, and things like this not only help kids be creative and are crucial for ensuring kids stay connected with their friends and maintain their mental wellbeing. There are loads of great educational resources out there too, such as the new National Geographic channel on Disney.


The Coronavirus outbreak has led to a stressful and worrying time for families all around the world. We all want this to be over this as soon as possible, but hopefully these tips will help you to get the most out of this time spent indoors together.

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