How To Get That Sassy Look You Have Always Wanted

April 16, 2020

Looking stylish is actually quite easy. But looking fashionable AND sassy — well, that is a whole different ball game. 

Sassiness is all about being a bit edgy and showing some personality in what you wear. But marrying that with good style sense is a challenge. You want to bring out your character and let it shine. But at the same time, you do not want to lose sight of the basics. It is a tough balance to pull off. 

You do not want to look like a bland catwalk model who could be wearing just about anything with the same expression on her face. Instead, you are looking for clothes that make you look great and add a little edginess at the same time. 

Here is what to do: 

Wear Pointed Shoes

Whether you are a heel or a pump girl, going for pointed shoes makes all of the difference in the world to how you appear. Rounded tips tell people you are calm, reserved, and do not mind blending in with the background. Pointed toes inform the world that you have arrived and that you are here to make a difference. 

Wear A Slightly Oversized Watch

Most women wear tiny little watches on their wrists, no larger than a standard bracelet. But an increasing number of us are also taking cues from the men’s watch market and experimenting with oversized alternatives. Far from creating a masculine appearance, these watches help to emphasize the delicate nature of your wrists and forearms while giving you a bit of strength and bulk at the same time. 

Use Printed Tees

The great thing about funny graphic tees is that you can deliver a message to the people around you and pair them with practically anything in your wardrobe. They work with skirts, jeans, and even blazers. 

Put On Your Brightest Lipstick

Being sassy is all about being appealing. So putting on your brightest lipstick is one of the best ways to make yourself “pop” while you’re out and about. For maximum effect, match your lip color to the clothes that you wear. Pair red with red, black with black and so on, 

Invest In A Range Of Belts

Belts are one of the most potent fashion accessories for increasing your sassiness, but also one of the most overlooked. They have an uncanny ability to bring an outfit together and help you feel like a million dollars. They cinch your waist, drawing it in, helping to show off your natural figure in all its glory — definitely something you want if you are looking for ways to boost your sex appeal. 

Wear Oversized Jewelery Around The Neck

Sassiness, however, does not throw caution to the wind, and just go with the sexiest option. Instead, it creates a balance. Wearing an oversized necklace, for instance, is a great way to offset an ample cleavage. 

Match Your Shoes And Bag

Finally, matching your shoes and bags is one of the best ways to complete your outfit. They do not have to be the same color or texture, but they do need to complement each other naturally.

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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