What To Pack In Your Everyday Bag

April 15, 2020

Sick of cramming all your essentials into your bag five seconds before you have to split every morning? You are not alone. It’s a feeling that we all know too well, and considering how annoying it is you’d think that we would have put a stop to it earlier. But hey, there’s no time like the present. A guaranteed means of trimming that time you spend faffing is by preparing what you’re going to bring and even stashing it in there the night before. Here are a few essentials that you should pop into your day to day bag to make your life easier…

Reusable Water Bottle

You’re supposed to be drinking about 3 liters of water a day, now, if that number has kind of shocked you followed by some serious confusion as to how some people actually get to that number, the answer is a reusable water bottle. This is going to keep you nicely hydrated throughout the day and it can come along to the gym with you, too. Plus, a metal or BPO free plastic water bottle stops you from buying throw-away single-use plastic water bottles that are kind to our environment – good for you!

Keep Cup

Speaking of being environmentally conscious, if you don’t have a keep cup already you better get searching for one pronto. You’ll minimize your carbon footprint and care for the world whilst you enjoy your brew every morning. Once you’re carrying one of these bad boys around, you’ll realize how much cardboard and plastic you’re throwing away each week.


We all need a few products that make us feel our best, and some of these can come along with you for the day to make sure that you’re always looking in tip-top condition. Stash a comb, some floss, powder or blotting papers, and tweezers with you to always maintain appearances. When an unexpected meeting or date comes up, you’ll thank yourself.

Portable Charger

Sadly devices just don’t stay charged all day, so bring along a portable charger to avoid being stuck without a phone or laptop all afternoon long – that would be no fun on your commute home! Bring some plugin chargers as well to avoid using up your portable one, that way it will always be there for you when you need it.


You’ll need to tune out from the noise around you when you’re trying to focus on a task, working out or sitting on your chosen form of public transport. Headphones really are a modern-day essential and you don’t want to catch yourself without them, so pre-pack them and you won’t find yourself in silence all day long.

Mints or Gum

Fresh breath is a must, basically in all circumstances but it’s particularly essential in professional environments. By packing mints or gum with you, as well as your floss, you’re going to ensure that you’re always fresh and ready for any meeting you might have on your schedule. You’ll also be a lifesaver around the office, which is always a nice feeling!

Find the right bag

Finally, make sure that you find yourself a bag with plenty of pockets, compartments and a sturdy structure that’s going to keep all these essentials well organized and locatable throughout the day – fishing around for hours is on no one’s to-do list. Check out brands that are focused on making your bag more convenient and functional like Bellroy, whilst still looking at all kinds of cool, the best of both worlds!


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