Five Reasons Why Tights Are An Essential Part Of Any Woman’s Wardrobe

March 26, 2020

Women’s tights often get a bad rap. Customers seldom look forward to buying tights, because they are rarely the star of the outfit. There is also the assumption that there are few good options out there in the market. And this is why shoppers often settle for restrictive, uncomfortable, and plain-looking pairs.

But this could all change if women viewed tights differently. Tights are wardrobe staples, especially in places that experience temperate climate conditions. Even if they are not the highlight of your look, they can still afford your daily style a major upgrade. And shopping for women’s tights no longer has to be a chore. These days, there are many apparel stores that offer comfy, stylish, and reliable pairs of tights.

Here is a list of the reasons why you should always have a good pair of tights (or two!) in your closet. Learn more about these very versatile articles of clothing, as well as how to up your style game with them:

They Protect Your Legs

Tights are meant to serve as a second skin to the wearer, one that truly comes in handy during the cold or wet months, when your legs are more exposed to the elements. Your tights will help shield your legs from snow, biting wind, rain, and mud. They will also prevent your calves and feet from being pinched and bruised by your footwear.

The Best Types Of Tights Are Comfortable To Wear

Women may avoid wearing tights, because the pairs they currently have are so restrictive that they cut off circulation from their legs. However, not every pair of tights should fit like this and you certainly should not own a pair that does. A quality pair will feel snug, but not airtight, and enable you to move your legs freely.

They Are Good To Wear For Exercise

Though they are not absolutely necessary for your workout, tights may be better to wear for exercise than plain shorts. They add a little more support to your legs, they keep your muscles warm, and they do not chafe. As such, if you are shopping for new active wear, make sure to get a pair of tights that you can use during your outdoor jogging routines or your workout sessions at the gym.

They Are A Great Match To Your Other Wardrobe Essentials

Tights can add a bit of panache to your other wardrobe basics, no matter what they are. Fishnet tights, for example, will look good when matched with distressed denims, as do semi-opaque tights when matched with a semi-formal dress. It really depends what style you choose. You can opt for solid, neutral-colored tights if you want for them to be a low-key addition to your outfit. But you can also go the other route and match a bold pair of patterned tights with your other wardrobe staples.

They Are So Much Fun To Style Up

They may be a simple addition to your outfit, but they are incredibly fun to mix and match. Try picking daring patterns and colors for your tights and see for yourself how much of a difference they make to the whole ensemble!

Tips On Dressing Up And Taking Care Of Your New Tights

You may want to know more about how to dress with your tights, as well as how to keep them wearable for a long time. Here are three additional tips on how to rock your tights and how to take extra good care of them. 

  • Rule Of Thumb: More Opaque Tights For Shorter Hemlines

Choose your style of tights based on how short the hemline for your dress, skirt, or pair of shorts is. A good rule of thumb to follow is to wear more opaque tights for very short hemlines. The shorter the hem, the more solid your tights should be. What happens if your tights are too sheer? That means you will have more to worry about on the occasion of a fashion faux pas, like your skirt accidentally slipping up.  

  • Pay Attention To Shaping And Sizing

When shopping for tights, do not assume that one size and one style can fit all. The tights that you see most often are likely the sheer-to-waist type, whose patterns run seamlessly from the waist to the foot. But there are also tights that come with additional support in the panty part, like the kind advertised as having “control tops.” When in doubt about the shape or size of the tights, do not hold back from asking the shop’s customer team about it!

  • Wash Carefully To Avoid Damage

Hand-washing and hand-drying are the best methods to keep your tights clean. Though a good pair will not shred after just a few wears, its fabric is still more delicate than that of ordinary pants. If you are pressed for time, you can launder your tights in the machine instead of hand-washing them. But make sure they are being washed at the lowest setting and that they are inside a laundry bag. Always air-dry your tights instead of running them through the dryer.

A great pair of tights will last long in your wardrobe and keep you looking chic all season. Your best bet is to buy the stylish and no-nonsense variety!

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