The Best Parts Of Motherhood

January 30, 2020
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While motherhood does present its fair amount of challenges, it is also a hugely fulfilling role charged with fun, laughter, and life lessons. Late nights, less time to yourself, and the surge of mixed emotions are all worth it in the end for the remarkable gift of bringing a child into the world. The difficulties you may face are no match for the incomprehensible happiness that motherhood can give. It is a wonderful combination of love, pain, hardship, but ultimately indescribable joy, and the bond between a parent and child is stronger than no other. Here are five reasons and feel-good reminders why motherhood is so rewarding, from pregnancy to watching your child grow:

Post-Pregnancy Can Encourage Body Positivity

Your body inevitably changes during pregnancy to make room for the growing life inside and knowing that these changes are essential for the development of your baby can help you to embrace them. All too often, many women feel embarrassed about their bodies after pregnancy, but it is important to celebrate these changes. Be proud of your stretch marks or your extra weight gain and let them be an amazing reminder that you grew a beautiful human being inside of you! There is no rush to get your pre-baby figure back, and it is also important not to compare yourself to others, especially with unrealistic photo-shopped body ideals floating around everywhere within the media.

Motherhood Helps You To Live In The Moment

Pregnancy and motherhood offer so many memorable experiences. It is the smallest of things, from playing fun baby shower games while pregnant with family and friends, to seeing your child being enthusiastic about learning new skills, or watching them develop their own adorable personality that may be so reminiscent of you or your partner, that truly encourages you to live in the moment. Your child’s excitement and awe can help to broaden your perspectives on life, where you can see everything with a fresh pair of eyes, almost as if it were a new experience. Motherhood gives you the opportunity to invest your time where it matters, and makes you so more appreciative of who and what you have in your life.

The Constant Element Of Surprise

Nothing compares to hearing your child speak their first word or seeing them take their first steps. Motherhood is an experience that is constantly full of surprises, both good and bad, but every day is definitely made much more interesting! Every day is like a new adventure and a new opportunity in getting to know your child while equally getting to know yourself. Being a perfect parent is simply impossible, and it is often easy to feel pressured and discouraged. Motherhood is not about striving to be a supermom juggling multiple tasks in one hand — it is about being patient with yourself and your partner, and learning what does and does not work. From this, you will naturally begin to acquire the well known ‘mommy instinct’.

Staying Forever Young

With adventures around every corner, motherhood is just the perfect excuse to staying forever young at heart! Your days are often fuelled with tiresome yet never-ending entertainment, including storytelling, imitating funny voices, singing in the grocery store, playing games, and taking hilarious selfies with your child. Childhood is known to go by so fleetingly fast, so remember to pause, reflect, and cherish sharing these charming moments of being silly with your little ones. Dress up in that cowboy costume, go to see that ridiculous animated movie about unicorns, or throw that incredible birthday party that your child will never forget.

Motherhood Shapes And Teaches You

The simple truth is that motherhood is a wonderful experience that utterly changes your life, and can often change you as a person in the most surprising and beautiful ways — becoming a parent gives you a huge focus and purpose in life that expands and fulfills your heart. Those two little blue lines are just the beginning of a beautiful adventure that you will hold close to your heart forever. Motherhood changes you mentally, emotionally, as well as physically, and helps to teach you things about yourself that you may not have previously known. Motherhood can of course be different for everyone, but it is ultimately a learning curve that helps to teach you self-strength, patience, all while exposing you to the overwhelming emotion of unconditional love that you thought wasn’t even possible. It is the tremendous pride you feel for your child, and the comforting thought of having a lifelong friend who loves you endlessly back that makes motherhood so magical. 

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