Three Addictive Hobbies That Make You Want To Travel More

September 18, 2016

In the 1991 unforgettable action/thriller movie Point Break, surfer and bank robbers’ gang leader Bodhi was passionately talking about a surfer’s search for the best waves all around the world. Hunting for something that really makes your heart beat and your soul fill with joy is the curse and the privilege for all those embracing a hobby entirely and irrevocably.

Pursuing a dream and traveling for a particular hobby and not as a hobby in itself is a whole new experience and lifestyle, as people like these do not rest, do not falter, and do not miss any opportunity to hop on the next flight. The virus of their hobbies and the virus of traveling make a heavenly match of these people, keeping them going! Let us see today three of the most “addictive” hobbies that open people’s paths to new traveling adventures:


Once you get the taste of it, you cannot do anything but pick one of your favorite Serbags vintage messenger bags, fill it up with photography gear, tie your shoelaces tight, and roam the world in search for its beauties. Some people love to capture nature in all its wild glory. Others are fascinated by architecture, some by plain everyday life in remote places, and others by people. It does not matter why you backpack and set foot toward one continent or another. Wanting to get the next best picture is your only desire.

The world is huge, but if you want to start somewhere to scratch the photography hobby itch, there are at least fifty best places to catch on film around the world. Morocco, Iran, Chile, Peru, Russia, Mongolia, Switzerland, New Zealand, and many more are some of the destinations with the highest photographic potential. Beyond landscapes, natural monuments, man-made structures, and glimpses of life, traveling for photography allows you to experience a different life, to immerse in new cultures, to live like locals, to explore little-known places, and to travel even back in time — metaphorically speaking.

Food And Cuisine

Some people love food so much they are willing to turn into real globetrotters to find the most exotic, unusual, tasty (or downright disgusting), unusual, complex, or unheard-of culinary dish. Beyond expert chefs who do this for a living, true gourmands do not necessarily look for recipes, they look for a unique and unforgettable experience. Food and travel bloggers are known for their amazing discoveries and their passionate, selfless ways of sharing them with the entire world. One might say that you will find special food and amazing dishes no matter where you go, after all each different culture comes with its own local cuisine and culinary secrets.

The ones traveling for these experiences rarely make reservations to awarded restaurants. They prefer street food and family food, immersing in new cultures and new ways of life, sharing a table with the locals and understanding the intimate relationship a culture has with its own cuisine. Now we all love Italian food made in Italy, but how about trying the kebab in Armenia, the nasi campuri in Bali, the ceviche in Ecuador, a cup of coffee in Ethiopia, and so on?

Food is a universal language, bringing people together, smashing boundaries, unifying cultures, and giving all a sense of belonging for sharing the collective love for everything that tastes amazing.


Humanity loves mysteries and tries to learn as much as it can about secrets that stood the test of time and still fascinate even today. You might say that in a world dominated by science and technology one would not even consider traveling to some of the “most haunted buildings in the world” or to “most breathtaking abandoned places on the planet.”

However, many travelers choose to take the unbeaten path in a quest for exploration, learning, understanding, and amazement. There are still places out there that are still puzzling for the scientists of today and the world entirely. Wanting to see with your very own eyes is a natural human inclination. While some prefer watching documentaries and films, others choose to pack their backpacks and travel to places not many have heard of.

An easy start is Stonehenge in Great Britain, but the mysterious structure is not quite on the unbeaten path, as millions of tourists visit it every year. How about Loch Ness for the fun of it, just to get a taste of what is coming?

If you want to play in the big league, take a trip to the ghost town of Pripyat, Chernobyl, a walk in the Aokigahara Forest in Japan, a ride to Turkmenistan to see the Door to Hell with your very own eyes, a once-in-a-lifetime walk on the Salt Desert of Uyuni in Bolivia, or a trip to pay your respects to the Craddle of Life in Africa. And if you want to experience more than natural phenomena and local legends, put some abandoned-by-society mysterious places on your list!

What is the hobby that keeps you going? What road do you take led by your passion?

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