How To Pick The Right Limo For Your Wedding

April 19, 2021

When planning a wedding, a lot of things need to be taken care of. Transport is one of the most crucial things that must be organized in good time.

If you are looking for a perfect kind of transport, a wedding limousine would be it. It does not only offer class, but also comfort, elegance, and luxury. Whatever the couple needs while on transit, you can find a limousine that provides this.

With the different types of limos out there, choosing the right one can be hard on you. What should you do to ensure that you pick the right ride?

Follow our tips below to ensure you make the best choice.

Plan Ahead

Nothing beats proper planning. Organizing wedding transportation might seem like an easy task until you cannot find the right vehicle.

Limousines are always on demand for different events, and this is one reason planning is crucial.

As soon as you have the wedding date, consult a limo hire service. Making reservations weeks or even months before the wedding will save you hassle and time.

Most people book early, and a slight delay could lead to going for a vehicle that you did not want in the first place.

Be detailed when giving information to the company that includes the number of passengers and the amenities that you require.

Choose A Reliable Service

A reliable limo service guarantees flexibility, honesty, and convenience. A reliable company is not all about the license, insurance, and experience that it may have, but how successful your big day turns out to be.

It is a day that you cannot gamble with, and, thus, you must hire the best company. The chauffeur must keep time, have humility, and be courteous.

You want a service that will work with your expectations. Even with this, how can you tell that you can rely on a service?

Reviews are very useful when it comes to this. Research by asking people and on the internet. Do not settle for the positive ones only, but also consider the negative ones.

So when creating your short list of companies to contact for a quote, make sure they meet your quality standards.

Match The Wedding Theme

You may have a particular setting that you wish for your wedding. It can be of any color or setting. The right limo should complement your chosen theme.

Whether it has a hint of white, purple, or pink, you can get a limousine in that color. It feels and looks elegant when the ride you hire matches your theme.

Regardless of how you want your wedding to portray, choosing the right vehicle should not be hard.

For example, if you are organizing a rustic wedding, then a vintage limousine would be ideal. If you want a classic look with modern luxury, then a Rolls Royce Phantom or Bentley would be an excellent option.

If it is a beach wedding and you want to ride around for the ‘just married’ feeling, you can opt for a convertible limo. For this option, make sure the weather permits.

Consider The Number Of Passengers

Perhaps you want a limo that can carry at least ten people. It could be that it is just for the bride and the groom.

When searching for one, keep the number of the people to ride in mind. It depends on who you want to ride with.

It will be great to share the experience with a few people, especially parents, siblings, and the maids.

Rather than hiring several vehicles for the party, opt for a huge one. The advantage of limousines is that they are available in different sizes and different capacities.

Get A Wedding Package

If you are hiring the limo from a reliable firm, you will find they have wedding packages. The deals are always attractive, and you would be surprised to save lots of money.

As you shop, ask about the packages they offer and what is included. Pricing everything separately can be extremely expensive.

You need airport transfers if the wedding is not taking place in your home town? Do you wish for red carpet arrivals or champagne toasts? These are some of the things limousine services sell as a package.

Most packages are pocket-friendly and could see you enjoy things that you could not have afforded or paid for.

Be Detailed

As you hire the limo, be detailed to the service provider. Do not leave out anything, including the exact pickup and drop-off location, the time you require the vehicle, and the number of people to use it.

Also, explain the amenities that you need, the theme, snacks, and even drinks. It is basically about the event and your expectations.

Do you want the interior to be decorated in a specific way? All these things matter and taking into account it is your day, talk to the company about it.

Be Realistic About The Budget

To hire the ideal limo for your wedding, be realistic about the budget at hand. Prices differ from one company to the other and from one vehicle type and size to the other.

If there is a specific limo you need, get to know how it is charged. Is it by the hour, fixed price or, there is a pocket-friendly package? Some companies will have special packages for weddings.

For instance, if you require a vintage limousine but with your budget, you can only afford a standard one, ask about the best price. Plan your time well, and it could be more affordable with this.

Final Note

As you plan your wedding, keep in mind the importance of hiring the right limo. It is one way you exude elegance and make it memorable.

Plan ahead, let the limo match the wedding theme, get a package, be realistic about your budget, and be detailed. These are important if your money will be worth the hire.

It is paramount that you do your homework when hiring a limousine for your big day. Check online reviews and enquire from other people. It could be surprising how much you could save on your budget.

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