Seven Amazing Snack Bar Ideas For Your Wedding

February 12, 2019

All that dancing can work up an appetite! Feeding your guests dinner just will not cut it when they are busting a move on the dance floor for hours afterward. Put on your formal dresses Sydney and get ready to party! Read on for seven amazing ideas for delicious snack bars to set up at your wedding:

1. French Fry Bar 

Who does not love some greasy fries after a few adult beverages? Help your guests soak up some of that booze with a fun French fry bar! When it starts getting late, have your caterer wheel out some freshly-made fries and tater tots for your guest to tuck into. Make sure to include lots of sauces and toppings to kick the “spuds” up a notch! Serving cheese sauce, green onions, bacon crumbles, shredded cheese, and a wide array of condiments ensures every guest will happily fill their belly. You can also put a twist on this snack bar idea and create a poutine bar. The classic Canadian dish includes fries, cheese curds, and hot brown gravy and is the perfect food for a late night. 

2. Milk and Cookie Bar 

A comforting milk and cookies bar is perfect for treating guests of every age. Make your cookie bar personal by including treats baked by family members or from your favorite local bakery. To set up this station, display a variety of cookies as well as multiple milk choices (chocolate, strawberry, nonfat, etc.). To cater to guests with special dietary needs, be sure to include some gluten-free sweets and vegan cookie and drink options. Your cookie bar can also double as a guest favor. Just include some paper bags at the end of the table so guests can take their sweet treats home with them.

3. Popcorn Bar 

Popcorn is a universally-loved crunchy snack that will also give your guests a boost of energy. Plus it is super fun to eat! There are so many ways you can execute a popcorn bar at your wedding. To keep it simple, rent a popcorn cart and buy those cute little red and white striped boxes to serve the snack in. The popping sound and heavenly scent of buttery popcorn will have guests running over from the dance floor. For a little more fun, set out an array of seasoning powders guests can sprinkle over their popcorn to spice it up a bit. You could also display tubs of ready-made popcorn in a variety of flavors like caramel, kettle corn, and cheese and let guests dig in themselves. 

4. Ice Cream Sundae Bar 

An ice cream sundae bar is a classic for a reason. Finishing the night with a big bowl of frosty goodness is sure to make every guest smile! It is also a super easy snack bar to set up. Choose a few flavors of ice cream and either set out the tubs for self-serve or get your caterer to scoop it up. Then add sauces (like hot fudge and caramel), whipped cream, sprinkles, candies, nuts, fruits, and other favorite ice cream toppings. Do not forget the cherries to top off the sundaes! A sundae bar also makes a tasty accompaniment when you serve your wedding cake. 

5. Charcuterie Bar 

Looking for an easy-to-eat snack for your wedding guests? Try a charcuterie station! Fancy deli meats, cheeses, dried fruits, and nuts look super classy and are also more portable than some other options. Guests can take their plate out on the dance floor rather than having to choose between cutting a rug and filling their bellies. And if they drop something? It is way less messy than cleaning up spilled ice cream or popcorn! If you want to be extra fancy, offer your wedding guests mini cheese boards instead of plates to finish the Instagram-ready charcuterie look. Personalize your snack bar by choosing foods that are made locally or hold a special memory for you as a couple (like cheese from a country where you took your first holiday together). 

6. Pretzel Bar 

A chewy soft pretzel is pure comfort. Help your guests fill their tummies and feel all warm and fuzzy inside with a pretzel bar! Grab some pretzel bites, sticks, or mini whole soft pretzels from your favorite local bakery and display them in some pretty baskets lined with fabric in your wedding colors or white. Then, finish the snack bar by offering guests their choice of dipping sauces. Caramel, cheese, marinara sauce, different mustards, and chocolate sauce all taste delicious when paired with hot and fluffy pretzels. 

7. Nacho Bar 

I have never met a person who does not love munching on some nachos. That is why a make-you-own nacho bar is perfect for a wedding! Provide the right toppings and this snack bar could easily refuel your guests for another few hours of partying. Set out huge bins of tortilla and corn chips as a base, then add a wide array of yummy extras. Different types of salsa, lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, jalapeno peppers, and cheeses will all be welcome nacho additions. If you’re feeling extra, you can include taco beef and seasoned chicken to make the snack a bit more substantial. Ole! 

Including a snack bar at your wedding is sure to be met with smiles and appreciation. Guests will definitely work up an appetite after dancing the night away, so boost their energy with some yummy treats. From pretzels and popcorn to cookies and ice cream, there is an idea here that works for every wedding!

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